Simple Gourmet Coffee – What is it?

There arе a number оf countries that produce coffee and new regions аrе converting tһeir crops to tһe mighty bean аѕ our demand fоr dіffеrеnt tasting coffee increases. We are аlso adding morе exotic flavourings to оur coffee. It cоmеѕ … Continue reading →

Australian Coffee

Coffee.  One of natures gifts. But do you know where coffee actually comes from? Whilst most would say a coffee bean – but where do coffee bean’s come from? Did you know that the coffee bean comes from the inside … Continue reading →

Cafes in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, the term of coffee has come to mean a place where hashish and marijuana are available. Visiting the Netherlands from the prohibitionist world outside can be a very instructive experience. It is completely wrong for us to assume that this country is not civilized. It is not that Holland is ruled by a bunch of hippies, but that have a more rational attitude to facts of life such as drugs and prostitution.  There … Continue reading →

Preparation of Coffee

To get a great coffee is important to take account of four steps: grinding, dosing, water and freshness.  Grinding coffee: Each method of preparation requires a different degree of grinding, because the final taste of coffee is influenced by the time in which water and coffee are in direct contact. The more coffee preparation time takes less, the finer coffee must be grinded. Dosing the … Continue reading →