The process of roasting Coffee beans

Start by putting the beans in the oven and immediately stir them. Stir until you see kernels begin that move by themselves, and that usually lasts a minute or two to happen.  Supervise beans and watch the color change to the color you want it to be. You will hear the beans begin to snap, this is known as the “first crack” and after that will start to snap … Continue reading →

How to roast your own coffee beans

Many people are excited about the idea of roasting ​​their own coffee beans. There are many tips and tricks that can ensure that you can roast the beans well to get a good cup of coffee.  Although at first it may be hard to do it in a certain way, but with every batch of coffee beans roasted, plus a little practice, you will give way … Continue reading →

Coffee with milk- Cafe au Lait

Coffee with milk or Cafe au Lait is a delicious coffee drink that mixes one third coffee and two thirds of hot milk or foam. It has French origins and brings innovation in the sense that it is incredibly sweet and good. Over the years, has become popular worldwide.  It is preferred other than Italian coffee, so even if … Continue reading →