Nespresso Maestria Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN450CW

The Nespresso Maestria Nespresso Coffee Machine is one fancy looking espresso machine. With a thermoblock heating element and automatic ejection of used capsules, the Nespresso Maestria is a bit more “Retro” than the standard Nespresso machine. Nespresso Maestria Coffee Machine … Continue reading →


Some people like their coffee so hot that it is barely drinkable.  Making hot coffee is easy when using instant coffee but how do you get the hot coffee with the awful taste of instant granules?  Read on to find … Continue reading →

The History of Cappuccino

Cappuccino – thе legends beһіnd coffee The legendary cup оf cappuccino sеemѕ likе ϳuѕt а mere drink thаt brings uр maybe a romantic gathering witһ ѕоmе old boyfriend, but whо wоuld tһіnk tһat real romance аnd a massive industry wоuld … Continue reading →

How to roast your own coffee beans

Many people are excited about the idea of roasting ​​their own coffee beans. There are many tips and tricks that can ensure that you can roast the beans well to get a good cup of coffee.  Although at first it may be hard to do it in a certain way, but with every batch of coffee beans roasted, plus a little practice, you will give way … Continue reading →

Coffee with milk- Cafe au Lait

Coffee with milk or Cafe au Lait is a delicious coffee drink that mixes one third coffee and two thirds of hot milk or foam. It has French origins and brings innovation in the sense that it is incredibly sweet and good. Over the years, has become popular worldwide.  It is preferred other than Italian coffee, so even if … Continue reading →

Long Coffee – What is it?

There is another style of coffee, which is quite similar to American coffee, known as long coffee.  It is essential that when you make a cup of American coffee, the hot water you use must always be fresh. Moreover, a large number of people like to consume this drink with cream or foam on top. An American coffee can be “adjusted” to suit your tastes. Some … Continue reading →

Be expressive with Espresso

Espresso is one of the most popular coffees in the world today. Espresso coffee appeared originally in Milan, Italy and then spread as a popular beverage in many other countries. An espresso coffee is a beverage that is brewed with water under pressure and usually served in a preheated cup. Espresso has a higher consistency than regular coffee. Water temperature under pressure is very high but it’s not boiling … Continue reading →

How do Americans drink their coffee

Many people worldwide believe that Americans drink coffee for boredom. Or believe that Americans hasn’t a tasty coffee like in other parts of the world. And not to mention the fact that a large number of people believe that Americans take baths coffee from other countries and damage the way they should really be preparing coffee.  In many restaurants, … Continue reading →

About Turkish coffee

The Turkish method of making coffee is a very innovative, which dates back to the days of the 16th century and is considered one of the first ways to make coffee.  Not only is a unique way to make coffee, but it is also very simple. In fact, the only expense incurred in obtaining the Turkish coffee is that you need to buy a … Continue reading →