Coffee benefits – is coffee better than tea?

Would yоu lіkе to һaѵe tea or coffee? Just wһat аrе tһе specific coffee benefits? You must haѵе heard this offer оf choice a thousand times. Be іt guests at your house оr whіlе visiting ѕomеone or frоm the airhostess … Continue reading →

Making Decaf Coffee- Swiss water method

A second method for creating decaffeinated coffee is known as the Swiss water method. This method is favorable for many people, because this process to create decaffeinated coffee does not use chemicals. Instead, use hot water and steam to remove caffeine from coffee. Also, through the Swiss water process, green coffee extracts are used and this extract has virtually no caffeine.  For the Swiss water process, the beans … Continue reading →

Making Decaf Coffee- European way

Although many enjoy a good cup of coffee, often, some people do not want caffeine in their system. These people opt for decaffeinated coffee. Decaffeinated coffee is coffee that has most of the caffeine removed. Usually, when calculating the weight, the amount of caffeine found naturally in coffee is about 1% for Arabica coffee to 2% in Robusta coffee bean type.  Therefore, when on a packet of coffee, says it is 97% decaffeinated,this means that … Continue reading →