Coffee growers deserve more respect in their profession

Though coffee haѕ its origin іn ethiopia, where stіlӏ nоw tһe main source оf coffee production іs thе wild coffee tree forests, coffee consumption haѕ gradually spread worldwide. The fact thаt the coffee beans grow profusely in tropical or sub-tropical … Continue reading →

Australian Coffee

Coffee.  One of natures gifts. But do you know where coffee actually comes from? Whilst most would say a coffee bean – but where do coffee bean’s come from? Did you know that the coffee bean comes from the inside … Continue reading →

About Coffee and Coffee trees

Coffee grows best on well drained and airy fields, with fertile soils. In addition, plants require a large amount of oxygen to their root system.  Their need for large amounts of oxygen is why airy soils are best for coffee cultivation and growth. Also, plants need 1,500 mm – 2,000 mm of rainfall annually to provide the best results. If rainfall is below the ideal, the plants need extra moisture through irrigation methods. To get a better quality of … Continue reading →

Arabica coffee

It is found in several species of wild coffee plants in a vast area occupying equatorial, tropical regions of Africa and, on both sides of the equator, but the coffee tree known as arabica coffee, whose fruit (beans) are so dear to the whole world is originally from Ethiopia deep valleys. Legend has it that a goat herder Muslim Yemen has a monastery in the days … Continue reading →