Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Most people hаѵе sоme form of sweet tooth, аnd many aӏѕо lіkе tһе taste аnd smell of a fresh cup оf coffee. Though thе tastes of sweets and that оf coffee аrе very different, thеy make а great match, ѕіnсе … Continue reading →

The process of roasting Coffee beans

Start by putting the beans in the oven and immediately stir them. Stir until you see kernels begin that move by themselves, and that usually lasts a minute or two to happen.  Supervise beans and watch the color change to the color you want it to be. You will hear the beans begin to snap, this is known as the “first crack” and after that will start to snap … Continue reading →

How to roast your own coffee beans

Many people are excited about the idea of roasting ​​their own coffee beans. There are many tips and tricks that can ensure that you can roast the beans well to get a good cup of coffee.  Although at first it may be hard to do it in a certain way, but with every batch of coffee beans roasted, plus a little practice, you will give way … Continue reading →

About Coffee and Coffee trees

Coffee grows best on well drained and airy fields, with fertile soils. In addition, plants require a large amount of oxygen to their root system.  Their need for large amounts of oxygen is why airy soils are best for coffee cultivation and growth. Also, plants need 1,500 mm – 2,000 mm of rainfall annually to provide the best results. If rainfall is below the ideal, the plants need extra moisture through irrigation methods. To get a better quality of … Continue reading →

Growing coffee beans

Coffee cultivation is a long and complicated process, and is often difficult to obtain a rich harvest. Coffee beans plants are used in the actual process of making coffee. Coffee plants are grown widely in many parts of the world. The plant is cultivated in over 17 countries, including Indonesia and Brazil are two of the largest producers of coffee in the world. Plants are often grown in the area between the Tropic … Continue reading →

Arabica coffee

It is found in several species of wild coffee plants in a vast area occupying equatorial, tropical regions of Africa and, on both sides of the equator, but the coffee tree known as arabica coffee, whose fruit (beans) are so dear to the whole world is originally from Ethiopia deep valleys. Legend has it that a goat herder Muslim Yemen has a monastery in the days … Continue reading →

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – The Rolls Royce of Coffee

Considered by many as the Rolls-Royce of all coffees, Blue Mountain coffee has a taste full of flavor, balance and aroma. The acidity and fruit prominence provides all the satisfaction that someone might want from a strong and intense coffee flavour.  It has a very clear taste with a remarkable sweetness and rich flavor.  Blue Mountain coffee is recognized as one of the most award-winning coffees and as a … Continue reading →

Gourmet Coffee – 3 flavors you can’t miss!

Gourmet flavoured coffee grew in popularity in recent years, but dates back for a very long time. The common belief about coffee dates back from the Middle East and further. There, people began to experiment for the first time with the addition of spices (like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg) directly into the coffee. Perhaps these early flavoured coffees were … Continue reading →

Preparation of Coffee

To get a great coffee is important to take account of four steps: grinding, dosing, water and freshness.  Grinding coffee: Each method of preparation requires a different degree of grinding, because the final taste of coffee is influenced by the time in which water and coffee are in direct contact. The more coffee preparation time takes less, the finer coffee must be grinded. Dosing the … Continue reading →