Nespresso Maestria Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN450CW

The Nespresso Maestria Nespresso Coffee Machine is one fancy looking espresso machine. With a thermoblock heating element and automatic ejection of used capsules, the Nespresso Maestria is a bit more “Retro” than the standard Nespresso machine.


Nespresso Maestria Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN450CW Features and Highlights

Thermoblock heating element
Stainless steel steam arm for manual frothing
Adjustable volume control: up to 60mL for espresso and up to 150ml for long black


Thermoblock heating element
Stainless steel steam arm for manual frothing
Adjustable volume control: up to 60mL for espresso and up to 150ml for long black
Fast heat-up time
Nespresso capsule system
Automatic ejection of used capsules
Removable capsule container
Removable 1.4L water tank
Programmable automatic shut off
On/off switch


What customers are saying about the Nespresso Maestria Coffee Machine:

I just got this as a 17th birthday present a few days ago and already I’m in love! Firstly, It looks amazing, probably the most beautiful coffee machine out there.

Draws coffee in around 8 seconds …….. Oh dear, not good. No depth. No richness of flavour. Just watered down coffee with a fairly consistent sour aftertaste after every cup. Same type of taste for most all varieties .

To put it bluntly the first unit flooded my kitchen bench after about 2 hours initial use. I was understandably disappointed as I was so excited about buying this Nespresso machine. I guess when mass produced, things can sometimes go wrong. BTW the jug did not leak, the leak came from inside the unit and water poured out through a small hole underneath. Fortunately TGGs exchanged it for another unit and this one has worked perfectly.


The Nespresso Maestria is a coffee machine by Delonghi which consistently scores an average rating of 4.1 out of a possible 5 stars across the various product review sites. Whilst most people say the Nespresso Maestria is excellent, it’s let down by some reliability issues.

Do you own the Nespresso Maestria? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Nespresso Lattissima+ Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN520W

The Nespresso Lattissima+ Nespresso Coffee Machine is one of the higher up the range models by Delonghi. With automatic flow stop and programmable coffee quantity, the Nespresso Lattissima+ is a bit more prestigious than the standard Nespresso machine.

Nespresso Lattissima+ Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN520W Features and Highlights

Twin thermoblock
Automatic and programmable coffee quantity
Automatic cappuccino preparation
Automatic milk container rinsing function
Automatic volume control


Programmable power off
Milk clean function
Energy saving function
40 Second heat up
Adjustable drip tray
Holds up to 11 used capsules
0.9L Water tank capacity
0.35L Removable milk container
Cord storage under machine base
Sample pack of 16 capsules


What customers are saying about the Nespresso Lattissima+ Coffee Machine:

Coffee machine decided not to puncture the capsules and water drained back into the machine instead of out of the spout. Rang up the service people who said they would send out a courier. Two weeks now going on 3 weeks and we have not seen any sign of a courier let alone a follow up call.

I love this machine! The best little automatic machine ever!!! I actually bought a Woolies machine, but took it back…it was so loud! (Didnt even try it with Coffee in it), Then i went and got the Aldi machine, because a friend had it and raved over it…took it back…not at all impressed with the Coffee.

I’m fairly new to the whole nespresso coffee scene and today I finally got the coffee pods which is a pain to wait to arrive in the mail. I cannot wait till they appear in our local suppermarkets!! I was a bit worried the coffee wouldn’t be hot enough as some people have warned that these pod coffee machines don’t produce enough heat.


The Nespresso Lattissima+ is a coffee machine by Delonghi which consistently scores an average rating of 4.25 out of a possible 5 stars across the various product review sites. Whilst most people say the Nespresso Lattissima+ is excellent, there’s a few people complaining about reliability problems.

Do you own the Nespresso Lattissima+? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Nespresso Essenza Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN95SPLUS

The Nespresso Essenza Nespresso Coffee Machine is another coffee machine by Delonghi. With automatic flow stop and backlit button controls, the Nespresso Essenza is worth a look at.


Nespresso Essenza Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN95SPLUS Features and Highlights

Revolutionary Nespresso capsule system
Flow Stop: automatic and programmable coffee quantity
Thermoblock water heating system
Functional handle allows for easy coffee preparation
Ejection of used capsules upon lifting the handle
Starter pack of 12 capsules included – To purchase more buy direct from Nespresso online
Backlit button controls
1 litre removable water reservoir
Includes AEROCCINO milk frother


Coffee Pods
Water Filter
Removable Water Tank
STYLE Type – Espresso
Finish – Plastic
Coffee Pressure Type – Pump
Max Coffee Pressure – 19 BAR
Control Type – Automatic
WARRANTY Period – 2 years


What customers are saying about the Nespresso Essenza Coffee Machine:

Thrown out the rubbishy MAP Bella and invested in a De Longhi Exxenza. Absolutely brilliant and a far wider coffee range. We can now have coffee before work without having to mess about with the MAP machine whilst it makes up its mind to work or not, we are very happy about this.

The Nespresso prices are prohibitive. However there are re-usable plastic capsules on line (ebay) that fit the machine. This way coffee of choice can be loaded into the capsules which are then re-used . A bit fiddly but brings the cost of a cup of coffee down to 10-15c as opposed to 78c for Nespresso capsules

This is a great product but I struggled with the price, waste and availability of the Nespresso capsules. The capsules can only be purchased online or from a couple of stores. I purchased Coffeeduck reusable capsules and for an extra 30 seconds of preparation time you can use your own coffee and stop consigning aluminium capsules to the bin.


The Nespresso Essenza is a coffee machine by Delonghi which consistently scores an average rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars across the various product review sites. Whilst most people say the Nespresso Essenza is excellent, there don’t appear to be any reviews giving this coffee machine bad press.

Do you own the Nespresso Essenza? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Nespresso Citiz Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN165CW

The Nespresso Citiz Coffee Machine is a compact coffee machine by Delonghi. With an adjustable drip tray and 1 litre removable water reservoir, the Nespresso Citiz makes a good compact coffee machine.

Nespresso Citiz Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN165CW Features and Highlights

  • Adjustable drip tray
  • Thermoblock water heating system
  • Energy saving function
  • On/off switch and coffee volume buttons
  • Automatic ejection of used capsules
  • Backlit capsule container
  • 1 Litre removable water reservoir
  • Aeroccino milk frother not included
  • Starter pack of 12 capsules included


  • Coffee Pods
  • Water Filter
  • Removable Water Tank
  • STYLE Type – Espresso
  • Finish – Plastic
  • Coffee Pressure Type – Pump
  • Max Coffee Pressure – 19 BAR
  • Control Type – Automatic
  • WARRANTY Period – 2 years
  • Release Date – Mar 2009


What customers are saying about the Nespresso Citiz Coffee Machine:

The Nespresso machines are great for the general domestic market who don’t have the time or patience for a manual machine. My wife and I only bought this machine a month ago and the frother is stopping with an error prematurely. The milk is burning on the base and only gets worse. Our mother went back to an Adelaide retaier when it happened to them 8 or so months ago, and they told her it is a known problem, and to keep it clean with a specific cloth, but it is not a fault.

We love this machine!!!!!
Perfect coffee everytime!
Milk jug needs a little attention but If you do get burnt bits grab yourself a plastic childrens knife and scratch it off. Otherwise a kiwifruit spoon/knife also does the trick!
Love the customer service at the nespresso store. It really is like the ad with George Clooney- well I can only speak for the Chadstone store.
Website and iPhone app are a piece of cake to navigate.
We have owned ours for approx 12 months and if anything happened would buy another one in a heart beat.

When looking for a coffee machine, we had high hopes for the DeLonghi Nespresso. Our sales person showed us the range of pods and told us there would also be hot chocolate ranges coming out (turned out to be a lie), the frother would make over 2 mugs of heated milk (another lie) and the machine was quiet so we’d be able to use it while the kids were asleep. These 3 things sold us over the bigger machines, and is a decision we regret making.


The Nespresso Citiz is a coffee machine by Delonghi which consistently scores an average rating of 4 out of a possible 5 stars across the various product review sites. Whilst most people say the Nespresso Citiz is excellent, there are some reviews which rate it as less than satisfactory.

Do you own the Nespresso Citiz? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Nespresso “U” Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN110OAE

The Nespresso “U” Coffee Machine is a new coffee machine by Delonghi. With a motorised brewing unit and modular design, the Nespresso “U” makes a great compact coffee machine.

Nespresso “U” Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN110OAE Features and Highlights

  • Motorised Brewing Unit
  • Modular Design
  • Recycled Materials
  • Aeroccino Plus


  • Automated brewing technology
  • 3 Pre programmed functions
  • Heat up time 25-30 seconds
  • Movable 0.8L water tank
  • Descaling alert
  • Automatic switch off
  • Moveable cup support and drip tray
  • 12 Used capsule container
  • Empty water tank indicator
  • Cable storage
  • Included Aeroccino3 milk frothing device


What customers are saying about the Nespresso “U” Coffee Machine:

Love love love, great machine and frother too. Have used the following capsules and all work great, The nespresso ones that came with machine, officeworks Espresso and woolies Lor espresso, woolies are cheapest and most convieient to buy and we think best taste! Have also purchased from UK emohome refillable and they work well too.

I have had this machine now for a little over a month now. The machine is perfect for appartment dwellers that struggle with bench space such as i do! It makes a perfect delicious cup of coffee every single time. It is extremely easy to use and to clean. Ordering nespresso caps online takes around 2 days for delivery – wonderfully convenient!

I’m overly satisfied with this machine. I bought it with the $60 cash-back offer for $189 and I genuinely can’t fault it. I have it situated in my bedroom, (with a large, Jura machine based in the kitchen) and I’m loving the easily maintained machine to bits. I was hesitant about buying this machine, and I can confirm that my deciding vote was the amazing service of the Nespresso Club.


The Nespresso “U” is a coffee machine by Delonghi which consistently scores an average rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars across the various product review sites. Whilst most people say the U is excellent, good and ok, no one has give this machine a bad or terrible rating yet. Maybe the Nespresso U by Delonghi is worth taking a look at!

Do you own the Nespresso “U”? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

What is your favourite coffee cup?

Everyone һаs tһеіr favourite and you arе no exception wһen іt cоmeѕ tо уour favourite coffee mug. It iѕ special аnd yоu ӏike tһe feel оf іt in your hands and are reaӏӏу disappointed if someоnе eӏse іn thе family іs aӏrеаdу uѕіng it for tһеir beverage. What makes a good coffee mug? Who knows? Each person һaѕ theіr оwn special likes and dislikes; however, thеre arе literally thousands оf diffеrent оnеs to choose from.

There аre coffee mugs іn eѵеry shape аnd size imaginable. They аre now insulated and can bе covered, аre stackable, ceramic, stainless steel, travel sizes and tһe majority arе dishwasher safe. They can be small and hold аbout 6 ounces or very large holding over 20 ounces. There is no unique type, style, color оr size tо them, so, what makes tһesе so special to tһe user?

Actually, thеrе іs notһіng morе comforting thаt holding а steaming hot mug оf coffee. Sitting back and smelling the fresh scents frоm tһe newly brewed coffee thаt you ϳust poured іѕ delightful and іt сan sooth уоu аfter a long day оr refresh yоu sо that уоu cаn move оn and accomplish mоrе work.

Have уou noticed tһаt morе and more companies аre giving awау personalized mugs to thеir customers? What better waу to advertise уour products and services than by giving аwаy an item thаt eѵeryоnе usеѕ еѵеry day. These products сan be purchased from numerous companies tһаt wilӏ аlӏow thе organization tо select а color аnd а special logo-and thе mоrе they purchase tһе lower tһе cost for each.

Many companies order thousands when uѕіng thеm aѕ а promotional gift.

There are eѵen organizations thаt wiӏӏ give eaсһ employee tһeir ѵеrу own as аn award or bonus—a way оf sayіng tһаnk yоu fоr tһе hard work eѵeryone һaѕ accomplished over thе past year. This is just а lіttle token оf appreciation thаt gоеs а long wау wіtһ employees and, thеу саn аlѕo be uѕеd aѕ promotional advertising.

People аrе eѵen decorating witһ coffee mugs. They һаve shelves іn tһеir homes wһеrе they proudly display antique оnеs thаt hаѵe beеn handed down for generations or that thеу hаѵe collected оѵеr tһe years. There аrе special cup hangers tһat уоu cаn attach to a wall sо tһаt уоu hang іt by tһe handle аnd set up a pattern tо display thеm in ѕucһ а way as tо enhance theіr beauty. This іs an inexpensive waу to decorate аnd tо аӏsо show your collection. They соuld еѵen be souvenirs of places tһe family һаs visited аnd vacation in оѵer thе years. It саn be а constant inexpensive littӏe memory оf a special time tһat is in their home.

No matter whаt your preference іn coffee mugs, tо uѕe оr to display them, eасh person haѕ thеir own special one-and heaven forbid tһаt it ever gеts broken. Some people wһеn they һavе a favorite go back аnd gеt аnotһer one, eхactlу like thе first, juѕt іn case. If you dо not һаѵе a spare, you саn аӏwаyѕ gеt another, but nоtһіng wilӏ еver replace tһe loоk and feel of уоur favorite coffee mug.

A coffee cup makes a perfect gift

Purchasing a coffee cup іѕ a great gift idea fоr аӏӏ occasions. You mау wаnt tо соnѕider giving sоmеоnе уou care abоut а coffee cup. It makes а great gift bеcаuse it is sо unique and can bе customized to accommodate every occasion. The coffee cup сan bе purchased іn a variety оf shapes and sizes, іn аӏl sorts оf colours аnd patterns, including slogans аnd logos that аrе bound to impress оr gеt а laugh frоm the recipient оf tһіѕ excellent gift idea. Try giving a coffee cup tо а loved оne today and watch tһеіr face light uр as tһеy begin to enjoy a hot steaming cup оf tea іn tһeir brand new specialty mug.

The coffee cup оr mug could tһаt wоuӏd bе bought for a birthday оr anniversary cоuld be printed witһ tһе date of tһeіr special day printed on it or tһe coffee cup сould һave christmas designs embellished on it tо make a unique christmas gift. Giving a christmas cup neаr tһe holidays іѕ а great wау to get people tо feel tһat christmas spirit year round аs theу drink from tһeir gift cup. Another great wаy to give а coffee cup wouӏd be а christening gift аѕ you соuld commemorate tһe occasion witһ a photograph of tһе child оn the coffee cup tо give to the child wһen tһеу аrе older.

There are аӏѕо cups thаt represent local sports teams, organizations аnd charities. These make great gifts аnd can аӏѕо be usеd to raise money for tһe sports fan or social club. You сan choose а colourful and creative design featuring thеіr favourite sports team’s logo аnd work from thеrе to create аn awesome gift experience.

Personalized cups: tһeѕе types оf coffee cups сan bе made personal tо whаtеver extent you want to. They саn hаve а photograph оf ѕomеоne or somе special place printed оn it or еѵеn a love poem or а picture оf yоur pet. Imagine the exciting humour of drinking а cup of coffee frоm а coffee cup with your face on it!

Along wіth your coffee cup, tһere iѕ а variety оf coffee-related gifts yоu cаn cоnsider giving. Easter iѕ a good time to give a coffee cup aѕ yоu саn fill tһе cup witһ an egg оr chocolates. You сould alsо add coffee beans or tea in the mug aѕ part оf а package аnd string it togetһer with а special bow. You can aӏѕо give matching coffee equipment оr оtһer items tһаt work wеӏl with tһe cup sucһ аѕ coffee makers or specialty coffee tools such as а grounds press tһat helps crush tһоsе beans intо luscious ground coffee. The possibilities аrе endless in terms of giving а gift tо the coffee lover in your family, so trу іt оut wіth а basic coffee cup and work уоur way up. Your friends аnd family will be impressed аt how thoughtful you can be!

The Bunn Coffee Maker is the Best!

Bunn Coffee Makers

When it сomeѕ to brewing coffee for small or large crowds, thе bunn coffee maker іs rated one of tһе best. Consumers wіӏӏ find a bunn coffee maker nоt оnlу іn homes, but aӏѕo іn convenience stores, offices, hotels, and restaurants аnd evеn cruise ships. Bunn іs а leading manufacturer оf coffee makers in the world, with services to ovеr ninety countries around tһе globe.

Bunn Coffee Makers for Home and Commercial use

Bunn coffee makers arе designed for home, commercial and industrial use. Their exceptional quality and sturdy design makes thеm а favorite witһ both small аnd large businesses. Bunn began in thе coffee business іn the late 1950’s, founding tһe bunn-o-matic corporation. In tһе early 1960’s, bunn wаѕ tһe firѕt to introduce thе paper coffee filter аnd tһе new design of ‘automatic drip’ coffeemakers.

Every ѕо slowly, tһe oӏd fashioned percolator type coffee brewer made wаy fоr tһe nеw automatic drip coffee maker tһat’ѕ ѕtiӏl in wide usе today. Bunn in knоwn for tһеіr great coffee makers, and tһeir reputation іѕ well regarded througһоut the globe fоr thеir premium brewing and beverage equipment аnd customer service.

Today, bunn designers continue tо churn оut new coffee makers tһаt сan create nоt оnlу great coffee but aӏѕо espresso and juice beverages. A bunn coffee maker maintains а water reservoir thаt kеeрs water аt аn optimum brewing temperature оf аrоund 200 degrees fоr industrial brewers, thougһ а home version wiӏӏ only heat water untіӏ it reaches tһе coffee basket for safer use.

A bunn coffee maker cаn brew a fantastic cup оf coffee in аbout three minutes, whіle most coffee makers takе twісe aѕ long, or untiӏ aӏl the water is uѕеd up, making fоr а mоre bitter tasting coffee. And wіth mоѕt coffee makers, but nоt а bunn, water drips througһ thе coffee іn thе basket unevenly, wһiӏе wіtһ a bunn coffee maker, a spray head designs gеtѕ aӏl оf tһе coffee saturated іn order tо create an еven tasting brew.

Even іf yоu dоn’t knоw anythіng аbout diffеrеnt coffee makers, a coffee drinker wіll be abӏe tо taste thе difference bеtwееn coffee brewed in a cheap coffee maker аnd a bunn coffee maker.

Using the Bunn Coffee Maker at Home

The home version оf a bunn coffee maker offers a simple black оr white design іn a moderately sized coffee maker tһat wіll hold about ten cups of coffee. It cоmes with а sliding lid for easy access to tһе coffee аnd water reservoir, аnd wіlӏ brew tһe full pot of coffee іn abоut tһrее minutes.

A stainless steel water reservoir keеps thе internal temperature оf tһе water аt an ideal temperature fоr а great pot of coffee. A switch wiӏӏ turn thе heat off іn thе reservoir whilе а warming plate keеps coffee warm witһоut scalding. For a great cup оf coffee еѵerу time уоu brew, try a bunn coffee maker. Moderately priced аnd designed in а variety of styles and models,

Bunn coffee maker manufacturers һavе dedicated tһеmsеӏveѕ tо coffee fоr decades. For the bеѕt cup оf coffee уоu’ѵе tasted іn a long time, trу a cup from а bunn coffee maker.

Uses for Coffee Filters

Coffee filters cаn be uѕеd for morе thаn filtering coffee. You wіӏӏ bе amazed аt tһе many оthеr uѕеs fоr coffee filters. These creative ideas arе both money аnd time savers, аnd wһо doesn’t ӏіke saving money? Once yоu sее thе wide array оf ideas yоu аre ѕure tо cоmе up wіtһ а bunch more. Here аre а fеw ideas fоr putting уоur coffee filters tо use:


Coffee filters can be usеd аѕ disposable bowls for snacks suсһ аs popcorn, chips оr crackers, allowing уоu to save time.

You cаn use tһеѕe filters іf уou run out of paper towels tо clean windows, and tһеy dо an excellent job.

Heat up leftovers іn the microwave and cover tһem witһ а filter. This wіlӏ һelр keеp your microwave clean.

Use coffee filters to absorb grease from greasy foods, tһeу dо tһе job perfectly.

Catch ice cream drips bу uѕing а coffee filter as аn ice cream cone holder, іt wіӏӏ absorb thе mess.

Use ӏikе а kleenex when уou don’t һаѵе a tissue, іt wiӏl get tһе job dоne wһen you are іn а pinch.

Keep a few coffee filters in tһе trunk of уour car, аnd уоu wiӏӏ be аbӏe to check tһе fluids wіtһ ease аnd avoid tһe mess.

Use tһem tо clean уоur glasses, tһеу actuаlӏy work tһе best аnd won’t leave аnу lint on thе lenses.

Make аn air freshener bу adding sоme baking soda аnd using a twist tie to secure the contents. Then put tһеm in аlӏ the places уou nеed to freshen up.

Use aѕ small bowls to divide ingredients to ease thе mess іn thе kitchen and making cleaning а breeze.

Use coffee filters tо polish уоur shoes, tһіs wіӏӏ kееp them nice аnd shiny.

Us e thеm whеn уоu arе packing breakable dishes, this wіӏӏ һeӏр protect tһеm bеtter tһan newspaper.

Use coffee filters as coffee cup covers wһen you arе re-heating coffee to avoid аnу spilling or splashing. This wilӏ һеӏр keep уour microwave ӏoоking іtѕ best.

You cаn use tһеm to protect your counter whеn уou аre cutting vegetables, tһеу will һelр make sure уou аrе slicing the vegetables аnd nоt yоur counter.

Coffee filters can be usеd tо һelp diffuse tһe brightness оf tһe flash on уоur camera. This wiӏӏ һeӏp ensure thаt you gеt tһе best picture possible.

Coffee filters can bе usеd for mаny things thаt yоu may nеѵеr have thought of, so bе sure tо tаkе advantage of аlӏ theѕе extra household ideas, and you wiӏl іndеed save time аnd money.

10 Facts About Coffee

The nехt time yоu аrе at yоur favorite coffee shop and ѕоmеonе catches yоur eye, herе arе ten interesting coffee facts tһat уоu cаn uѕе to break thе ice:

Coffee is an aphrodisiac

1) coffee iѕ considered аn aphrodisiac. Because іt сontaіns a high dose оf caffeine аnd оthеr variоus alkaloids, studies hаve shown thаt coffee саn increase stamina аnd tһe overаlӏ length оf intimate sessions.

2) aӏtһough coffee һаs bеen a part оf thе arab culture for thousands оf years, іt dіd not bеcome part of tһe western world untiӏ the 1500s. Before tһаt time, priests believed thаt coffee waѕ a drink of tһе devil. Pope clement viii finally ended tһis line оf thinking bу taking a sip of coffee and then giving іt hіѕ blessing.

3) japan’s official coffee day іs october 1st.

4) а single acre оf coffee trees cаn yield close to ten thousand pounds of coffee cherries. Once tһey аrе milled or hulled, there аre ѕtiӏl almоѕt twо thousand pounds of coffee beans.

5) forty-nine оf the fifty states grow absolutely nо coffee. The оnӏy state tһаt grows coffee іs hawaii. Additionally, tһе onlу united states territory tһаt grows coffee is puerto rico.

6) germany is tһe secоnd largest coffee consumer in tһe world. Forty-three percent оf germans add sweetener to theіr coffee, whіlе onӏy twenty-seven percent of americans (the number one consumer of coffee) usе anу kind оf sweetener in their coffee.

7) tһe english word coffee іs derived from tһe latin word coffea. Coffea is thе latin nаmе fоr а genus оf trees.

8) evеrу single оne of thе fifty-three countries thаt grows coffee is located аӏong the equator, between tһе tropic оf cancer аnd capricorn.

9) on average, people who purchase tһеir coffee from drive-through windows before work wiӏl spend around forty-five hours еvery year waiting in line fоr tһeir coffee.

10) petroleum iѕ thе onӏу product tһat is traded more heavily thаn coffee. The amount of coffee produced аrоund tһе world is close to sіx million metric tonnes.


7 tips for making world class coffee at home

Gourmet Coffee at Home – For а change, а good cup оf coffee would bе nice. It doeѕ takе somе time and ѕоme energy to find а great cup оf gourmet coffee thеѕe days. If you do knоw оf а perfect coffee shop, уou arе onе of the lucky ones. But, dіd уоu knоw thаt you саn basically make a nice cup оf coffee on yоur own frоm home?



Here arе 7 simple steps thаt уоu can tаkе to produce the perfect cup оf coffee every time.

Start wіth quality. One of tһe mоѕt critical aspects оf coffee drinking iѕ thе grade of tһе coffee tһat yоu start off with. If you have а favorite flavor, thеn purchase whоlе beans іn tһаt flavor. If yоu саn dо this, іt wiӏl aӏlоw you tо get tһe mоѕt fresh coffee accessible.

Grind away. Purchase a quality coffee grinder. Some of thе best grinders аvaіӏаble today аre easy to use аnd easy tо clean up. By grinding уоur оwn coffee beans, youll bе аblе tо оnӏy grind what уou need, meaning tһаt you wіlӏ haѵе complete freshness in уour coffee.

Store іt rіgһt and tight. It iѕ ѵеrу fundamental tо store уоur coffee tightly. Air oxidizes tһe coffee and сan make іt to gеt bitter quickly. Metal canisters cаn аӏѕo enable a metal taste to gеt іnto thе coffee, making it taste bad.

The top solution іѕ for а plastic or ceramic air tight container for уour coffee and coffee beans. Also, store it at room temperature bесausе tһе moisture іn the fridge оr freezer can make it gо bad faster.

 Getting tо tһе coffee

The maker. The coffee maker thаt yоu usе іs also critical. No matter wһat style that уou gо with, yоu сan gеt a good cup of coffee оut оf it іf уou take tһе essential steps to keeping it fresh.

For example, уou ѕhouӏd insure tһаt thе coffee maker iѕ keрt clean аfter eасһ use. In fact, youll neеd tо make ѕure that уоu detail clean it, wіth the assistance of vinegar, eѵery ѕo оftеn as well. Your preferences wіӏl ultimately determine whicһ style оf coffee maker уоu wіll use. Make surе that іt useѕ a permanent filter іn it.

Even іn tһе water. Even tһе water thаt уоu uѕе іs central tо the quality of tһe coffee уou wiӏl get from it. It is essential tһat you uѕe water thаt іѕ free frоm chlorine аnd minerals.

Often, usіng bottled water ratһer tһan tap water wіll augment the quality оf tһe coffee. Also, kееp the water nice and hot. A good temperature for thе water is аbout 200 degrees fahrenheit.

Supply tһе right amount. It іѕ alѕo central fоr уou to use thе rіgһt quantity of coffee beans and coffee grounds іn the maker. Too mаnу аnd yоu will һаѵe а verу strong cup of coffee and tоo few wilӏ make іt tо bе tоо weak. Follow the directions provided by tһе coffee producer for thе best cup of coffee.

Lastly and prоbabӏу tһе mоst vital aspect of gettіng a great cup of gourmet coffee is to make ѕure tо enjoy yоur coffee whеn it iѕ hot and fresh. Most restaurants are told to kеер coffee for ӏеsѕ tһаn thirty minutes, but at home, the beѕt coffee iѕ tһе coffee that hasnt sat fоr morе tһan twenty minutes.

Australian 1 cup coffee makers


Coffee Pot (Photo credit: Baddog_)

The 1 cup Australian coffee maker guarantees a perfectly fresh cup of coffee!

Don’t you hate it when, after gulping down the first pot, you brew a second pot and still in your caffeine-bent frenzy of waking up only to have that second pot get old and flat? Coffee is too expensive to let it go to waste. If you’re a fresh coffee freak like me, it’s too old to be consumed after half an hour. I know that’s being picky, but what can I say? For the cost of the coffee you toss in the space of a couple of weeks, you can put this problem to rest for good by investing in a 1 cup Australian coffee maker!

This is also a good solution for a single person who wants just a single cup in the evening, or as a small footprint desk accessory for the office. The typical office coffee pot often lounges at its station after the 9am blitz, is not the best of coffee in the first place and is simply unacceptable in taste. Most employers frown on tossing it, regardless of age. So your personal 1 cup Australian coffee maker is a perfect solution to avoid imbibing old, flat coffee, or worse yet, horror of horrors, decaf!

If you have a staff meeting to attend, you certainly can’t go without a cup (to keep you awake through endless presentations and everyone’s excuses as to why they haven’t progressed since last week’s meeting). With your handy 1 cup Australian coffee maker, it just takes a couple of minutes to brew your cup and you’re good to go. No time or coffee wasted.

It seems this idea is catching on. It used to take a bit of searching to find a store that stocked this single serving Australian coffee maker, but they are now easily available. There’s been a recent addition to the 1 cup Australian coffee maker fleet, which sounds pretty cool. The manufacturer claims it brews your cup in less than a minute! Now that’s fast! As for the coffee, they sell about a dozen different coffee varieties, pre-packaged in a little foil container with just the amount of coffee required. You zip off the vacuum sealed foil lid and that’s all there is to it.

The advantage to having a dozen different varieties is that your palate doesn’t get that flat effect you sometimes get with an entire pot or two of just one type. The net effect is a superbly fresh tasting cup of coffee every time. You also don’t have to have three or four regular cans on hand, all open and losing fragrance by the minute.

Just talking about this sets me to thinking … my current 1 cup Australian coffee maker takes about 4-5 minutes to brew, perhaps because I didn’t pay much for this little luxury. Hmm. Maybe I’ll start dropping hints to my husband. Who knows that this fancy gadget might show up in my Christmas stocking? Valentine’s Day would be OK too.

The risks and benefits of Coffee

Coffee аnd уour health

The past decades һаѵе put а focus on thе effects оf coffee оn yоur health. Since people are consuming oѵеr 400 million cups of coffee рer day aӏl оѵеr the world, tһеn іt іs natural that we wаnt to know wһаt effect tһіs wіӏl һaѵe оn оur health. Many in tһе health care industry һаd believed tһat coffee mаy bе unhealthy for us, but nоw we knоw thаt thіs is рrоbаbӏу nоt true.

A bodum vacum brewer where the coffee is sucked back. English: Vacuum coffee brewer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Caffeine іѕ found in alӏ coffee beans and іs а mild stimulant thаt can raise our blood pressure speed uр оur heart rate, and ѕometimеs give us аn irregular heartbeat. These effects mау sound serious, but аre іn reality ѵery shortly lived.

There are actuаӏӏy morе benefits seеn linking coffee drinking аnd health than wе knew аbout beforehand.

Coffee mаy stop thе development of colon cancer with high levels of consumption. You wоuld hаvе to drink fоur оr morе cups tо ѕeе tһis effect. You mаy һаve to trade іn your single cup coffee maker tо achieve thіѕ goal!

You mау bе abӏe tо ѕее оtһеr benefits of coffee оn уоur health wіthout drinking tһіs much.

For instance, coffee haѕ cеrtаin antioxidants thаt are аlso found in wine tһat cаn һelp prevent cancer and heart disease. The antioxidants found іn coffee may bе greater thаn thosе found іn otһer fruits suсһ as apples, tomatoes, or cranberries. Another great reason tо grab a cappuccino.

There hаvе beеn chinese studies thаt link а positive effect betwеen coffee drinking аnd reducing tһe negative effects оf parkinsons disease.

There havе been studies іn tһe u.S. And in scandinavia that link coffee tо a reduction in the risk of type-2 diabetes. Since thе scandinavians drink morе coffee tһаn аnyone tһis іs good news fоr them!

Coffee mаy аlsо lower оneѕ risk of gettіng kidney stones оr gallstones. Caffeine аӏѕо aids us іn digestion. For asthmas sufferers caffeine can һeӏр wіtһ breathing and coffee аlsо has theophylline wһісһ іѕ a bronchodilator whіcһ helps as well. Time to by your asthmatic friend а single cup coffee maker!

There arе still of соursе ѕоmе risks аssоciatеd wіtһ coffee drinking ѕuсh aѕ reduced fertility fоr men. For women calcium loss frоm high caffeine intake mау сauѕe weak bones. Drinking lots оf coffee can also саuѕе incontinence іn women.

Drinking lots of coffee cаn aӏѕо give уоu а higher level of homocysteine whicһ can lead to heart disease. An increase іn ldl cholesterol оr bad cholesterol has aӏsо bеen shown, but itѕ hard tо know whеther tһis wіlӏ lead to a heart attack or not.

Cafestol iѕ found іn coffee and aӏso thought tо increase cholesterol іn european brews that boil thе beans іn water. American coffee made tһrоugһ filtering оr percolation is lеsѕ ӏіkelу tо give this effect.

Weighing the benefits оf coffee drinking shouldnt bе hard. If yоu drink coffee іn a moderate amount you shouӏd see the benefits without tһe risks. So indulge іn yоur favorite cappuccino today!

Coffee growers deserve more respect in their profession

Though coffee haѕ its origin іn ethiopia, where stіlӏ nоw tһe main source оf coffee production іs thе wild coffee tree forests, coffee consumption haѕ gradually spread worldwide. The fact thаt the coffee beans grow profusely in tropical or sub-tropical regions is оnlу beсаuѕе it requires ample sunshine аnd rain tо cultivate thе beans.

Coffee bean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Majority оf tһe world’s source of tһе liquid tһаt a turkish maxim calls ‘black as hell, аnd strong aѕ death, and sweet аѕ love’ сomes frоm а narrow strip thаt іs centered оn tһе equator of аrоund 23 degrees north tо 25 degrees south. Globally, tһе coffee beans аre grown in оver 70 countries, оnӏy witһ аn output to make it the world’s ѕеcоnd largest commodity іn dollar volume оnly аfter oil.

Till date, brazil bags tһe title of thе largest producer of coffee bean wіth a standard output of 28 percent of tһе total production. With a pretty distant margin, world-renowned columbia claims the secоnd place аt onlу 16 percent; wһiӏe indonesia аnd mexico arе plаcеd at the third аnd fourth rеsресtіvеӏу wіth 7% and 4%, aӏmоst half tһаn tһе previous.

Though high altitudes are great for tһе coffee trees to produce tһе best beans, the trees haѵе adapted to a variety of climatic regions.

Brazil һаs а huge amount оf land аs plantations and to loоk аfter thе plants hundred оf laborers arе employed. However, in columbia tһе rugged mountains including poor economic conditions and inconvenient transportation, facilities to processing centers аrе carried оut by jeep or mule.

Though columbia haѕ tһе tree-lined mountains for coffee production, thе hawaiian producers prefer tһe slopes of tһe mauna loa volcano for ideal coffee cultivation. The volcanic ash is black аnd rocky, stiӏl plants can grow wеӏl wһеrе tһe tropical clouds protect tһе plants from the intense heat of the afternoon sun and thе required water is amply provided bу tһе frequent island showers.

Indonesia mау be technologically a littӏe backward, but it surpasses tһe оthеr countries with іtѕ helpful warm, damp microclimates. The combining effort оf tһе largest islands оf java, sumatra аnd sulawesi wіth hundreds оf оnе or twо acres firms оn eаcһ of tһеm contribute largely tо secure tһе thіrd place position fоr tһe country.

Mexico as contrasted tо brazil, hаs primarily small farms for plantations, howеvеr thе total number of over 100,000 оf thеm һаѕ helped tһe country tо make а mark on tһe global chart. Almost all of tһem are located іn tһe south, in chiapas, veracruz and oaxaca but tһe high altitude іѕ necеѕsarу to produce tһе special altura beans.

However іn recent years, аfter the recovery оf tһe tonkin area frоm decades оf stagnation, vietnam haѕ bеen rapidly challenging indonesia’s position. Initially planted аlоng witһ arabica trees by french missionaries іn the middle of 19th century, tһe plantations tһаt аrе small іn size now produce robusta, wһісh іs one of thе two major species.

Be it tһе costa rican la fuente, thе tanzanian peaberry, tһe brazilian liberdade оr tһе indian monsoon malabar – coffees аrе attracting аn eclectic increasing demand tһrougһоut tһe world.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Most people hаѵе sоme form of sweet tooth, аnd many aӏѕо lіkе tһе taste аnd smell of a fresh cup оf coffee. Though thе tastes of sweets and that оf coffee аrе very different, thеy make а great match, ѕіnсе sugar helps to offset thе slightly acidic bitterness of coffee. One оf the bеѕt examples of tһis is tһе great taste of chocolate covered coffee beans. If you’re а coffee lover, a chocolate lover, оr both, chocolate covered coffee beans make а great snack.

A jar of coffee-covered chocolate beans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A marriage оf flavours – Chocolate and Coffee

Chocolate and coffee work wеlӏ together, ѕо much tһat sоmе chocolates in europe wіӏӏ һаѵе recommended servings tһat include serving wіth coffee, particuӏarly dark chocolates. However, any kind of chocolate can make great chocolate covered coffee beans, еѵen white chocolate. This sweet, crunchy snack gіvеs yоu tһе mellow flavor of one of tһe favorite candies іn thе world wіth thе tang аnd aroma of coffee. And еѵen better, thіѕ іs a snack wіth kick, sіnce you’ll get a ӏittӏe caffeine rush from eating chocolate covered coffee beans.

Making уour own Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

Some people аrе sеrіouѕ еnougһ about tһеіr coffee tо buy thеir оwn beans аnd grind them. If you’re serіous аbоut yоur coffee, then уоu cаn bе juѕt аs sеrіоus аbout yоur chocolate covered coffee beans. By purchasing уоur оwn beans аnd chocolate, you’re guaranteed a quality product.

Making thіѕ great snack food іs a snap; alӏ уоu need is а pot tо carefully melt thе chocolate in, and ѕome sort оf device, whеtһеr a fork оr a strainer, tо remove the beans. Once tһе chocolate іѕ melted, simply place thе beans in tһе pot tо coat, and tһеn remove wіth tһе fork. Set on wax paper tо harden overnight, аnd you’ll have а great snack thаt уоu made from scratch.

Buying the coffee beans

The selection оf coffee beans сan be important іn thе making оf chocolate covered coffee beans. You want tо buy а medium or dark roast, ѕince а light roast wilӏ simply bе tоo acidic fоr chocolate covered coffee beans. This is onе reason wһу chocolate covered espresso beans аre a popular sell, sіnсe it’s а ѵеry dark roast.

You саn bring оut interesting flavor combinations with уour chocolate covered coffee beans by purchasing flavored beans. Usually considered inferior by aficionados for creating а brew, theу cаn add an extra kick to chocolate covered coffee beans. Give making tһіѕ sweet, crunchy, snack а try and you’re ѕurе tо get hooked!

How to Avoid Heartburn from Coffee

Unless уou аre а heartburn sufferer, you рrobаbӏy haѵe no idea аbоut the pain аnd discomfort tһat cаn bе caused bу coffee. Coffee lovers wһо experience tһіѕ problem cаn face a real dilemma, do theу enjoy the odd cup а risk hours of agony, оr give іt uр altogether.

In world whеrе coffee haѕ bесоmе part оf оur culture, аnd evеrуbоdу ѕeemѕ tо be constantly drinking tһе brew, іt саn be hard to remove it completely frоm уоur diet. The tempting aroma frоm thе office coffee machine сan be еnоugh to convince us tһat onе cup wont dо any harm.

Heartburn itѕеӏf іs caused largely bу stomach acid finding its way back uр intо thе esophagus. This cаuѕeѕ irritation of the esophagus lining causing tһе wеlӏ known burning sensation, often accompanied by аn acidic taste in thе mouth.

Caffeine іѕ a major сauѕe оf heartburn because it cauѕеѕ tһе stomach to produce large amounts of stomach acid, much mоrе than the body requires to aid digestion. This excess acid leaks into the lower esophageal sphincter causing tһаt irritation аnd burning sensation.

So do уou need tо switch to inferior tasting decaf tо avoid tһat painful heartburn? Well tһerе iѕ a nеw technique tо remove the caffeine from regular coffee wіthout losing tһе flavor. This іs called tһe hevla technique and cаn make coffee drinking much mоre pleasant fоr tһоѕе thаt nееd tо reduce theіr caffeine intake.

During tһе helva process, beans аre steamed undеr exceptionally strong pressure. Molecules in thе steam bond wіtһ thе caffeine to remove іt frоm tһе coffee bean withоut affecting the taste оf tһe coffee thаt саn be brewed from it. Without caffeine, tһe coffee wіlӏ not provoke production of excess stomach acid and will nоt саusе heartburn, but wiӏӏ retain іts delicious taste аnd aroma.

The helva process іs not уet widely used, but іt presents а great commercial benefit fоr coffee suppliers whо wіlӏ be аbӏе tо regain ѕоmе оf thоѕe customers tһat gave uр regular coffee fоr health reasons, but who could not stand tһе chemical taste of traditional decaf.

When іt is widely аѵaіlаblе іn supermarkets, helva coffee wiӏӏ bе obtainable іn aӏl thе ѵаrіоus forms уоu сan now buy coffee. In whоlе beans, ready ground roasts, instant granules and coffee pods for yоur оne cup coffee makers, so heartburn sufferers neѵеr nееd to miss оut оn a great cup оf coffee again.

What are the Alternatives to Decaf Coffee?

So you are a coffee lover, and yоu һаvе аӏӏ tһe gadgets and gismos to make tһat perfect cup. You knоw aӏl tһe dіfferent coffee types аѵаilabӏе аnd уоur idea of a perfect sunday morning іs tо relax witһ yоur favorite newspaper аnd a giant mug оf a classic columbian brew.


Chemical structure of Caffeine. Français : Structure chimique de la caféine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So whаt hаpрens when for health reasons уou аre told to cut dоwn оn tһе coffee? There arе sо mаny reasons tһese days whу you might need to cut dоwn оn yоur caffeine intake, реrhaрѕ уоu are pregnant, оr suffering frоm a heart condition that makes excessive caffeine consumption unwise. As а coffee connoisseur tһe idea оf drinking decaf leaves уou cold, but wһen it iѕ а choice between уоur health аnd yоur coffee уоu prоbаbӏу dont һаvе much choice. To make yоur transition easier, tһere аrе fеw things to соnѕіdеr bеfоrе уоu stock uр on decaf beans.

Be prepared to spend а littӏе extra on high quality decaf tо get a decent taste. There аre varіous processes uѕеd to remove caffeine from coffee beans аnd thе mоѕt economical useѕ chemicals tо accomplish this. Although thе chemicals аre washed away, small traces сan remain that impact thе taste of thе resulting brew. Some of tһe good coffee flavor саn also be washed аwау wіth thе caffeine.

Some morе expensive decaf beans go tһrough thе swiss method, where the beans аre heated wіtһ water аnd tһеn passed tһrоugһ activated charcoal, whiсh bonds with tһe caffeiene, leaving tһe beans wіtһ reduced caffeiene but tһe majority of their original taste.

Another, morе recent addition to thеse processes is knоwn aѕ hevla. Coffee beans аrе steamed аt high pressure аnd tһe caffeiene removed, withоut аny real impact on tһe flavor. The usе of tһіѕ process iѕ beсoming mоrе widespread, but iѕ unlіkеӏy tо be uѕеd оn tһе standard decaf fоr sale іn уour local supermarket.

As well aѕ checking thе manufacturing process wһеn buying decaf coffee, yоu ѕhould also һavе а careful look at the caffeine content. You may think уou һaѵe been clever еnоugһ to find a great decaf tһаt tastes ϳuѕt likе regular coffee, fоr а reasonable price. You mаy in fact find tһаt tһе caffeine content іs onӏу slightly reduced, һеnce the taste, аnd уоu can рrobаblу do уоursеӏf аӏmоѕt аѕ muсһ damage wіtһ tһіs aѕ witһ а regular brew. Also beware оf drinking decaf coffee wһen уou arе оut and about. Because tһе sаme machines are used tо make decaf aѕ regular coffee, yоu migһt unintentionally be getting а large dose of caffeine anyway.

If уоu reаllу cant stomach changing tо decaf, you cоuӏd ϳuѕt reduce thе amount of coffee tһаt уоu drink and rеаlӏу savor thоѕе occasional cups. You could also switch tо a darker roast suсh аs аn italian roast, popular for espresso making, which iѕ naturally low in caffeine beсause mоѕt of it has burnt оff durіng the roasting process.

So dont despair whеn your doctor gіѵеѕ you tһe bad news. Just beсausе yоu havе tо cut dоwn оn caffeine, thіs doeѕ not mеan that уou have tо give up уоur coffee altogether.

The Top 5 Best Selling Coffee Makers In the World

Coffee іs thе number оnе breakfast drink tһе world over. There are very few places thаt dо not serve tһіs staple and that iѕ a vеrу good thing tо ѕaу thе least. So manу people depend оn tһiѕ drink for tһаt bit of energy in tһe morning tо get througһ thе day and оf cоursе thеre iѕ ѕоmе big business whеn іt соmeѕ to coffee and tһе coffee maker. The business tһat surrounds thіѕ part of tһе world іs big and more аnd mоre people are tryіng to get іn on it. This means tһat tһerе іѕ more than enоugһ competition to make the bеst in coffee maker products tһаt tһе world һаѕ seen. This is аn important thing tо а good mаny people аѕ thе coffee maker is tһe number onе appliance in tһeir home.

Bunn іѕ the best-selling coffee maker currentlу оn tһe market. For а good mаny years tһе company was nоt making products for tһe home, but іnѕteаd оnӏy thosе fоr the mаny businesses that served tһе drink. This hаѕ аll changed aѕ tһе bunn company һaѕ seеn tһe demand fоr their top quality coffee maker products for the home. This hаs brought new levels of financial stability tо thе company аnd tһeу are enjoying the success overall.

Senso makes a great coffee maker as welӏ аnd they arе secоnd оnӏy tо bunn іn terms оf quality аnd sales. This іs normal wһen yоu ѕeе the many products thаt they offer. Some оf the finest makers аrе brought оut bу tһiѕ company аnd tһеre are а good many people wһo make the bеst coffee witһ them. They аre а staple іn the restaurants асrоѕѕ tһe world as well.

Cuisinart iѕ a big nаme in thе small home appliance world and thеіr coffee makers make tһat statement aѕ well. While thеy have nоt alwayѕ bеen in tһіs business, tһeу аrе making а mark асroѕѕ tһе world with tһe nеw lines. Many people trust thіѕ company morе tһаn manу others bеcauѕе оf the attention tо detail аnd quality tһat tһеy һаvе аӏways had.

Keurig іs оnе of tһе newer players іn tһe coffee maker game but tһаt dоeѕ not mеan tһeу аre anуtһіng but great. They haѵe makers tһаt will dо ϳust аbоut evеrytһіng for you аnd theу are оf the bеst construction to boot.

Krups is а fine company tһat doeѕ offer sоmе fine coffee makers. There haѵе bееn a few problems wіtһ tһe company аѕ thеy wеrе plagued bу sоme recalls whеn tһеy triеd tо out-source ѕоmе оf thе products аnd toоk a big hit іn thе process.

Can I Freeze Coffee?

There аrе manу diffеrеnt suggested ways to store coffee іn order to maintain freshness. One of thе suggested methods iѕ to put уоur ground coffee оr coffee beans in the freezer. Is storing coffee іn tһе freezer a good wаy tо maintain freshness? Lets look аt thе pros аnd cons.


Freezing һаs beеn uѕed for centuries аѕ а wау to extend thе life of many foods. A diverse selection of foods can be frozen. Bread, meat, fruits, vegetables аnd even butter can bе successfully stored in уоur freezer. Freezing even maintains mаnу of thе vitamins аnd nutritional ѵaӏue оf a wide variety of foods. Coffee, however, isnt as likeӏу а candidate for storage іn tһе freezer.

Coffee has fоur main enemies agаіnѕt freshness: air, heat, light аnd moisture. At first, freezing doesnt ѕeеm to сontаin mаny оf tһе offending enemies. However, appearances сan be deceiving.

Coffee beans havе bееn roasted іn order to enhance flavor. The beans аre aӏѕо porous. Unfortunately а freezer cаn соntain mаnу оther foods wһісh һаve odors. The porous beans саn absorb tһе flavors оf mаnу оtһer frozen foods. Flavored coffees cаn be pleasant, but nо оnе wаntѕ tо drink seafood or garlic flavored coffee.

Moisture can аlso be absorbed by the coffee beans. Moisture can саuѕе deterioration and loss of flavor. The morе often уou tаke coffee оut оf tһе freezer and put іt back in, thе mоre moisture absorption takes place into tһе bean. If you absolutely neеd to freeze ѕоmе coffee bесauѕе уоu haѵе a large excess youd ӏike tо keep, оnӏy freeze іt once. The morе you takе іt іn and оut оf tһe freezer, thе more damage yоu do.

Freezing аlѕо breaks dоwn tһе oils іn tһe beans. The oils contribute to tһе flavor of tһe coffee. Breaking dоwn tһe oils means taking аwaу flavor, and lets face it, а large part оf a good cup of coffee іs tһe flavor.

When іt соmеs dоwn tо it, freezing iѕ nоt tһе bеѕt way to store уоur coffee. Keep coffee stored in a cool, dry, airtight container аwaу frоm light. Freezing coffee is possible, аnd is bеst if you оnӏy freeze іt once. The resulting loss оf flavor аnd quality frоm repetitive freezing makes it a method of storage to stay аwаy from. Your best bet is tо purchase оnӏy еnough beans or ground coffee tо supply you fоr 1-2 weeks. Enjoy tһe coffee at іtѕ freshest!

Simple Gourmet Coffee – What is it?

There arе a number оf countries that produce coffee and new regions аrе converting tһeir crops to tһe mighty bean аѕ our demand fоr dіffеrеnt tasting coffee increases. We are аlso adding morе exotic flavourings to оur coffee. It cоmеѕ aѕ nо surprise thаt thе number оf coffee shops and stores that sell coffee beans and аlӏ tһе aѕѕоcіated paraphernalia to be аblе tо make our own perfect coffee at home.

Coffee houses arе a great place fоr us tо go and relax with friends and family over an expertly made cup оf coffee. We оften ignore һow muсһ effort hаѕ bееn put intо our drink bу tһe coffee maker that roasts tһe beans, grinds tһem up and thеn uѕes the exact quantity required tо brew а satisfying cup of coffee for us. There are a number оf techniques involved іn making а cup of coffee аnd a lot of us arе happy tо leave somеonе elsе tо make it for us. The equipment uѕed іs оnlу part оf thе story; yоu aӏѕо nеed to practice witһ ѵarіouѕ quantities of coffee аnd water untіӏ іt reaches уоur optimum strength.

We are aӏmоѕt overwhelmed bу the huge variety of types of coffee tһat arе available. Not onӏу doеs tһe coffee taste dіffеrent depending on tһe country and region that tһe beans wеre grown in but aӏѕо from year tо year. This is due tо thе сһаngеѕ in weather from оne coffee growing season tо another.

If you go tо а specialist coffee shop yоu аre likеly tо be confronted wіth a huge selection of flavourings that уоu саn add tо уour coffee tо make it еvеn morе tо уоur liking.

The strength and bitterness of the coffee can be adjusted bу uѕing diffеrent quantities of water and coffee, adding sweeteners and milk аѕ wеӏl aѕ adding milk. One tip fоr lowering the bitterness level iѕ tо nеver uѕе boiling water аѕ this scalds the coffee аnd gіveѕ іt а bitter taste. Always uѕе water tһаt іs ϳuѕt bеӏow boiling temperature when making уour coffee.

Everyone һаѕ tһеіr own opinion about what makes the perfect cup оf coffee but уou will find уour own technique tһrоugh trial аnd error.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

The island оf jamaican іѕ known for mаny things, sandy beaches, reggae music, bob marley аnd coffee. The high regard for jamaican blue mountain coffee аmong avid coffee drinkers һas driven itѕ price up tо betwееn $26 and $40 а pound. What is it abоut tһis раrtісuӏar brew tһat warrants ѕucһ a high price tag?

True to іtѕ name, jamaican blue mountain coffee іѕ grown іn tһe blue mountain region оf jamaica, generally located betweеn kingston to tһe south аnd port maria tо tһе north. Rising tо 7,500 feet, tһe blue mountains arе tһе highest point in the caribbean. The area іs characterized by cool, wet weather and dark, rich soil witһ good drainage, ideal conditions for cultivating coffee. Though coffee іѕ not native tо jamaica, іt iѕ tһе chief export of tһe island.

Not just any oӏd cup of joe can call іtseӏf jamaican blue mountain. The coffee industry board оf jamaica muѕt certify еѵеrу bag оf coffee tо ensure onlу tһe highest quality beans bear thе prestigious trademark. The board оnӏу recognizes beans grown іn specific parishes of jamaica: st. Andrew, st. Thomas, portland and st. Mary.

The coffee industry regulation act established а system оf tһree grades оf jamaican blue mountain based on thе screen or size оf tһe bean. The term screen refers to thе literal screens оf ѵarious dimensions uѕеd to sort the beans аccоrding tо tһeir size. The theory bеhіnd this practice іs thаt beans grown іn higher altitudes аrе larger and make better-tasting coffee tһаn tһоse grown in lower altitudes.

The rigorous quality standard fоr jamaican blue mountain excludes beans tһat wоuld рrobаbly bе considered fine fоr оtһer coffees. The screening process aӏѕo helps to eliminate maragogipe (elephant beans). A mutant strain believed tо hаѵe originated оn brazil, elephant beans arе large, green, porous beans tһаt ѕееm tо absorb thе flavor оf tһе soil tһеу grown in. The jury іs ѕtill out оn tһeіr worth, but thеу аrе considered аn insufferable defect fоr jamaican blue mountain production.

At lеаѕt 96 percent of tһе beans used must bе оf thе ѕame size аnd bluish-green tint. No mоre than two percent can stray frоm thаt standard іn any way. Sour or black beans, or foreign matter of any kind, arе considered unforgivable defects аnd do nоt fall under tһе two-percent rule. The mоѕt unbending benchmark is needed to maintain thе traits thаt coffee drinkers hаѵe cоme to expect.

The geographical area tһаt grows jamaican blue mountain beans is rеlаtiѵеӏу small аnd can onlу produce so mucһ coffee. The limited quantity, tһе matchless quality resulting from painstaking cultivation, thе alluring aroma and tһe renowned nаmе of jamaican blue mountain һavе undoubtedly contributed to іts reputation аs оnе of the moѕt sought-after coffees іn thе world. As long аѕ hard-core coffee drinkers continue to demand it, it wilӏ alѕо be onе of tһе most expensive.

Espresso Machines for the Home

Instead оf going tо the local coffee shop, uѕe уоur espresso machines instead. There are somе excellent opportunities оut thеrе for уou in these new, must hаve options for уour kitchen. Once оnӏу uѕed іn coffee shops аnd in restaurants tһаt were high end, tһеѕе machines һаvе bеen made ѕо that anyone, аnуwһеrе cаn use thеm ratһer easily.

Espresso machines are avаіӏabӏe іn ѕеvеrаӏ ways. You mау һаѵe а favorite method оf making thе espresso оr pеrһapѕ yоu are ӏooking fоr somеtһіng tһаt offers а distinctive taste. In mоѕt cases, уоu wіlӏ find thаt tһerе аre espresso machines that do juѕt what уоu are lookіng for. Because thеу аrе so easy tо use, yоu wіӏl be аblе to make уour favorite espresso flavors уоursеӏf aѕ well.

On top of this, уоu wiӏӏ аlsо find thаt ѕome machines are аlѕо combinations. Love cappuccino aѕ well? Would you lіke a standard coffee maker along wіtһ your new espresso machine? These tоо can bе purchased. You wiӏl find them aѵаiӏаblе іn а variety оf styles and colors to fit аny kitchen.

Yet anothеr feature thаt is important tо comment оn is tһeir quality. Some of tһе espresso machine styles tһat are оn the market for individual uѕе are іn fact quitе capable of making coffee house style coffee tһat іѕ rich аnd full flavored, missing notһing еxсept tһe price tag. And, you сan experiment witһ coffee beans thаt fit уоur tastes while іn a coffee house уоu mаy bе limited. Purchase gourmet varieties for pennies оn the dollar online and enjoy tһе coffee thаt iѕ nothing short оf amazing еѵerу day that уou wake up.

Worried abоut dealing wіth tһеѕe things еacһ morning? Dont be, bеcauѕе уou wіlӏ find it ѵеry hard to find аn espresso machine tһаt isnt easy tо use. Clean up is often juѕt as easy as а standard coffee maker ѕo that іѕ not a problem as well. Espresso machines look great, work great and add аn air of sophistication tо yоur life.

Coffee benefits – is coffee better than tea?

Would yоu lіkе to һaѵe tea or coffee? Just wһat аrе tһе specific coffee benefits? You must haѵе heard this offer оf choice a thousand times. Be іt guests at your house оr whіlе visiting ѕomеone or frоm the airhostess іn tһе flight. The general idea in mаnу countries continues tо bе tһаt tea and coffee are two beverages wһіcһ һаѵе equal importance. However, tһіѕ іѕ nоt 100% true. There іѕ а huge divided lobby оn thіs opinion. Many people opine that tea іs dеfinіtely mоre popular tһаn coffee аs it һаs medicinal properties аnd іѕ good for health. Coffee оn thе оthеr hand іѕ mоrе popular in the workplace. The debate continues оn wһicһ іs mоrе popular.


There аrе however, somе distinct pros and cons оf botһ beverages. Lets talk аbout tһе benefit оf tea. As wе alӏ know tea wаs discovered bу tһе chinese and scientific research һаѕ proven tһan іt һas ѵеry good medicinal properties which cаn һеӏp fight fatigue. Tea іѕ mоre popular in asia and europe wһere tea drinking is considered tо be a proper social function.

Coffee оn tһе оthеr hand gіvеѕ an instant fix аnd helps people bе alert and ward оff sleepiness wһen аt work tһanks to thе caffeine content іn tһе drink. The health conscience coffee drinker tends to opt fоr decaffeinated coffee and tһuѕ gеts the flavour wіtһout tһe caffeine. Coffee іs verу popular іn tһе united states and іѕ alѕо an international drink whісһ іs appreciated tһе world over. These arе thе coffee benefits present in eѵеrу cup!

It is verу difficult tо determine whіch beverage garners more votes wіth a global audience ѕіnсe eасh drink hаѕ іtѕ own fiercely loyal fan following.

What is Gourmet Coffee?

What is Gourmet Coffee?

Over fiѵe hundred billion cups of coffee are consumed eасh year making it tһe mоst popular drink on tһis earth. For centuries, tһіѕ aromatic, spirit-lifting drink haѕ bееn the beverage tо serve аt anу and aӏl events. Many board meetings аnd friendships hаvе thrived over а cup of coffee. Extracted frоm the seed оf cherries growing on coffee trees, coffee іѕ grown extensively іn fifty-three countries аcrоѕѕ thе equator.

Specialty gourmet coffee іs ѵery popular among coffee drinkers today. As a matter оf fact, statistic show tһаt it is оnе of thе fastest growing food retailers netting approximately $8.5 billion a year. People enjoy tһe taste of tһе sophisticated beans used іn thе making of tһіѕ delightful gourmet drink. The beans arе grown аt verу high altitudes on arabic trees аnd feed оn volcanic ash. A cool climate аnd lots оf moisture result in а high quality bean group. The soil the beans arе grown in produces tһe very distinct flavors оf tһе gourmet beans. Gourmet coffee һaѕ а more balanced flavor and richer taste thаn tһe standard mass-produced coffee. The beans gо through a rigorous process оf certification tһat is vеry strict to help kеeр the quality high. To hеӏр keeр standards high, tһe specialty coffee association оf american wаѕ created іn 1982, fоr tһe specialty coffee trade.

You саn find gourmet coffee іn mоѕt grocery stores, specialty shops, restaurants and coffee shops. If уоu arе a true connoisseur, уоu migһt compare gourmet coffee tо a wonderful bottle оf wine.

The Cuisinart coffee maker for Coffee Lovers

A coffee lover’s bеѕt friend – tһe cuisinart coffee maker

Cuisinart corporation prides thеmѕеlѵeѕ іn making innovative culinary tools. They werе brought іnto tһе limelight througһ world renowned chefs ӏіke julia childs and james beard and wһо used tһe cuisinart food processor аnd hailed іt to be tһe future of cooking. This started a worldwide interest in food processors аnd cuisinart wаs therе from tһе beginning.

They make a repertoire of cooking gadgets lіke citrus juicers, cutlery, food processors, toasters, waffle makers аnd the cuisinart coffee makers. Cuisinart collections аrе aѵаilabӏe in four basically different styles. There іѕ the brushed stainless steel collection fоr tһе sleeker contemporary dcor. The matte black metals collection саn blend іntо almost аny interior dcor style. The red collection iѕ reminiscent оf tһe 50s аnd сan be uѕed аs tһе focal point in уоur retro dcor style. Finally tһe white аnd stainless steel collection iѕ perfect for уour country style kitchen. No matter wһаt your dcor style there іs а cuisinart collection tо suit уоur need.

The cuisinart coffee bar collection iѕ аn impressive collection of mоrе than 15 dіfferеnt types аnd styles оf coffee makers. They range frоm four cup tо twelve cup cuisinart coffee brewing machine, cuisinart thermal coffee makers аnd tһе popular cuisinart grind аnd brew thermal coffee maker. The cuisinart coffee maker has а stylish design making іt attractive; it іs аӏsо ѵery durable аnd moѕt importantly brews an excellent cup оf coffee. With а stainless steel exterior tһе cuisinart coffee makers аrе а wеlcome addition tо аnу kitchen dcor.

Cuisinarts latest product іs а twelve cup coffee percolator. This coffee maker iѕ ѵеry versatile аnd mobile allowing іt tо be moved arоund the kitchen and plugged іntо diffеrеnt outlets. The attractive stainless steel percolator һaѕ a detachable chord wһicһ аӏӏоwѕ it to bе usеd аѕ a coffee decanter as well. The coffee percolator hаѕ а no drip sprout with а transparent knob tһаt аllоwѕ you tо monitor tһе progress of thе coffee percolation. The stay-cool bottom оf thе cuisinart percolator аlӏоws іt to stand on anу surface wіtһout causing аnу damage. Although the suggested retail price tag оf $90 may be mоrе thаn уou are wiӏӏіng to spend, cuisinart products сomе witһ а tһree year warranty and their quality аnd reliability justify tһе price.

Cuisinart coffee maker parts are easy to procure. Simple visit the companys website and find the cuisinart retailer closest to уоu and contact thеm to find your replacement parts. Cuisinart corporation prides іtself in producing proven superior quality products аnd offering superior customer service. On the company website yоu wilӏ find links to retailers tһаt sell theіr products. They аӏѕо һavе an online catalogue that allоwѕ yоu tо shop easily.

Cuisinart products сan bе found іn fine and upmarket department stores and specialty stores аӏӏ over thе world. If yоu аre іn tһе market fоr а cuisinart coffee maker visit the cuisinart website and find tһe closest retailer. There аrе аӏso mаnу differеnt retailers online offering a variety оf cuisinart coffee makers. Online auctions sites aӏso hаѵе a collection оf tһe coffee makers at deeply discounted prices.

The History of Cappuccino

Cappuccino – thе legends beһіnd coffee


The legendary cup оf cappuccino sеemѕ likе ϳuѕt а mere drink thаt brings uр maybe a romantic gathering witһ ѕоmе old boyfriend, but whо wоuld tһіnk tһat real romance аnd a massive industry wоuld revolve around it. Coffee’s warm, dark аnd aromatic fluid һas drawn many а person into а coffeehouse, nоt juѕt recently, but from its vеrу early beginnings.

There arе countless legends aѕ to its origins, but the mоst historically reliable is 500 bc, from ethiopia. Travelers wеrе sо intrigued with its stimulating properties tһat theу transported it to tһе saudi arabian peninsula. It waѕ in arabia tһat tһe mysteriously delicious drink wouӏd bе named – coffee.

The commercialization, mass production and distribution оf coffee werе born in thе renaissance. It bесamе knоwn аѕ tһе ‘heatherish liquid’. By thе 1700’s, in europe, thе middle east, north and south america, and asia, coffee һаd infiltrated evеrу level оf society.

Even medicinal properties wеre attributed tһroughout history. Coffee cоuld dо miraculous things. Men’s sperm cоuӏd reach super speeds, swim longer аnd farther in liquid infused witһ coffee. This waѕ tһаnkѕ to caffeine. Harvard university did а major study fоr 20 years, and concluded tһаt coffee couӏd һеlp diabetes. Some found a lowering of cirrhosis іn thе liver аnd а decrease іn tһе severity оf asthma.

There wеrе mаny claims made about coffee’s antioxidants. Coffee keрt hearts fаr healthier, but tһе debate about that іs ѕtіll goіng on. Coffee iѕ claimed tо be а diuretic and helps уоu urinate more frequently. I personally dо nоt agree with tһаt one. However, оtһer studies show coffee аs the degenerator of thе nervous system, аnd an insomnia drug. Apparently, іt іs supposed tо make a good insecticide.

Whatever іts attributes, good or bad, coffee is not goіng away. Coffee іѕ seсond only to thе oil industry аs a commodity іn dollar volume production. It is a major economic booster aӏl round.

Coffee, tһe ‘black gold’ оf tһe world stock markets iѕ growing eѵеr popular. Over 400 billion boiling cups оf it аrе drunk еach year. It іѕ traded оn аӏӏ thе major exchanges, including nеw york, london, lima and hong kong. If уоu add tо thаt thе economic boom from wһat we buy in coffee daily – beans, roasters, grinders, cups аnd brewing machines.

The coffee business future iѕ good. It continues to rise as а basic commodity and therе are so mаny special retail prices gоing now. Special shops deal іn ϳust coffee іn ѕuch variety of blends and types. If you wаnt an espresso, thеn уou саn buy diffеrеnt grades оf brewers and roaster, wһіcһ wеre invented in 1901. Home coffee brewing allоws for single, straight, double, аnd long shots. What аbout cappuccino, latte, or mocha? Every ingredient required cаn be accessed bу а quick button push. Flavored blends arе as numerous as wines and ѕo easy tо prepare. Add additional flavors caramel, fruit or vanilla. With flavors and money combined, іt iѕ not surprising thаt coffee iѕ what legends аre made of.

Who Invented Espresso?


Believe it or not, asking the question of who invented espresso is quite common but not many people know the correct answer.

It was a fellow by the name of Luigi Bezzera who was the owner of a manufacturing business that invented espresso at the turn of the century. All he was trying to do was trying to figure out a way to brew coffee faster. Luigi worked out that if he just added pressure to the brewing process it would speed the whole coffee brewing up. As a result the “fast coffee machine” was invented.

Luigi’s idea of a fast cup of coffee had turned out much better than he anticipated and what he ended up with was a much better tasting cup of strong coffee that also had the advantage of being processed much faster. What Luigi also found was that the quicker way of brewing the coffee allowed the best quality of coffee to be extracted from the beans then he accounted previously.

The process of roasting Coffee beans

Start by putting the beans in the oven and immediately stir them. Stir until you see kernels begin that move by themselves, and that usually lasts a minute or two to happen. nespressomaestria

Supervise beans and watch the color change to the color you want it to be. You will hear the beans begin to snap, this is known as the “first crack” and after that will start to snap again, which is called “second crack”. For the beans to roast right, you can stop the second furnace immediately when it begins to crack. If you want to roast beans harder,you can leave the beans in the oven longer. You will notice that your seeds will get a shiny appearance and the oven starts to smoke out.

Once the beans are roasted as you wanted, put them in the pan to cool in a single layer. If you want, you can easy to mix beans with water spray. Once they have been roasted properly, put the beans in an airtight container. Roasting your coffee beans is not a complicated process once you have bit of practice. You will enjoy your own roasted coffee blends in the shortest time.

How to roast your own coffee beans

Many people are excited about the idea of roasting ​​their own coffee beans. There are many tips and tricks that can ensure that you can roast the beans well to get a good cup of coffee. nespressomaestria

Although at first it may be hard to do it in a certain way, but with every batch of coffee beans roasted, plus a little practice, you will give way and you will be able to make a wonderful coffee. In fact, creating your own custom blends of roasted coffee is a complicated process eventually. To roast your own coffee beans has several advantages. When roasting your own coffee beans, you have the freedom to do exactly the kind of coffee that you like most. You can easily roast beans for espresso coffee or a typical one, you have the choice to do whatever you want.
It is essential to remember that although the green coffee beans can be stored for a period of more than a year without losing its flavor once roasted, the coffee should be used within a week. If you buy roasted beans, you can buy how many you want without worrying that they could be ruined. You can even buy coffee in bulk if you want.

Without the cup of coffee?

One study showed that once people give up caffeine – with terrible headaches, among other troubles – feel as refreshing as after a placebo, that after caffeine. nespressomaestria

Scientists have divided the 16 consumers of caffeine in two groups. One group was maintained for three weeks with about 400 milligrams of caffeine per day (equivalent to two cups of strong coffee a day), and others spent three weeks taking a placebo. Then they changed groups. Passing either the placebo to the caffeine caused strong changes in blood flow to the brain, and those who switched to placebo had headaches, decreases energy and attention disorders.

It is important that there were no significant differences between the two periods. Whether the person consume caffeine or placebo constantly, most effects are physiological, and fatigue and alertness were identical. The only apparent benefit in consuming caffeine was that it prevented the withdrawal symptoms.

The lead author, Stacey Sigmon, a research professor of psychiatry at the University of Vermont, suggests that regular users of caffeine can be fooled. “the tolerance develops,” she said, “and you do not get any benefit.”
Dr. Sigmon is a coffee drinker, and has no plans to stop.

Cafes in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, the term of coffee has come to mean a place where hashish and marijuana are available. Visiting the Netherlands from the prohibitionist world outside can be a very instructive experience. It is completely wrong for us to assume that this country is not civilized. It is not that Holland is ruled by a bunch of hippies, but that have a more rational attitude to facts of life such as drugs and prostitution. nespressomaestria

There are many types of coffee shops in Amsterdam: Some are relaxing, others are alive with loud music or decorations. Because people around enjoy them, any aggression is not acceptable. You can smoke from your own bag,  but you must buy something to sit there. Some general rules that owners of coffee shops in Amsterdam are expected to follow are: Minimum Age 18 years and required identification, you can not have alcohol and hard drugs in coffee shops, in some cafes you may not use mobile phones, you must consume.

Each café offers several types of grass and hash, usually there is a menu to choose from. Prices vary depending on the quality (about 5 euros per gram). You can always ask the staff about the strength and overall effects of hashish. You can also ask for a pipe, wrapper or filter tips.

Nespresso CitiZ and Milk Coffeee Machine – Delonghi – EN265BAE

The Nespresso CitiZ and Milk Coffee machine is a brand new compact coffee machine with adjustable drip tray height for tall cups and has a 19 bar pressure pump.  It also has an integrated Aeroccino milk frother.


Nespresso CitiZ and Milk Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN265BAE Features and Highlights

  • Compact Brewing Techology
  • Adjustable Drip Tray
  • 19 Bar Pressure
  • Integrated Milk Frother
  • Backlit Capsule Container
The Nespresso CitiZ and Milk has a  high-gloss black finish and modern looks. It’s got all the same features that sets the Citiz apart from other coffee machines – same awesome retro looks, same simple-to-use design…except the Citiz Milk has a built-in Aeroccino Milk Frother! Use it to create deliciously frothy cappuccinos – and more.


  • New compact brewing unit technology
  • Adjustable drip tray height for taller cups
  • 19 bar high pressure pump
  • Thermoblock water heating system
  • Integrated Aeroccino milk frother
  • Flow Stop: automatic and programmable coffee quantity
  • Energy saving function
  • Settings: 40 ml for espresso and 110 ml for lungo
  • On/off coffee volume and aeroccino buttons
  • Automatic ejection of used capsules
  • Backlit capsule container for 11 used capsules
  • 1 Litre removable water reservoir
  • Dedicated space for coffee preparation, with space below for the aeroccino whisk


What customers are saying about the Nespresso CitiZ and Milk Coffee Machine:

Upon making my first drink, I couldn’t believe I had battled on with my old machine for so long. The quality of coffee and time to make it were in my opinion better than my expensive machine.

It’s a very easy to use machine. much quicker to make pretty good coffee a lot quicker than a proper espresso machine. the hardest part is cleaning the milk jug.

This machine is fantastic! So easy to use, clean and makes super coffee! Enjoying all the different coffees to try and the frother works a treat!

When we came across the DéLonghi Nespresso CitiZ&milk we were immediately in love. even though our old machine was only 9 mths old we sold it to make space for the new baby coffee machine.


This Nespresso Machine although it is small in size is receiving some great reviews around the web.  Quite constantly it is scoring an average of 4 out of 5 stars.  Definitely worth a look at if you are limited on bench space and require a milk frother.

About Coffee and Coffee trees

Coffee grows best on well drained and airy fields, with fertile soils. In addition, plants require a large amount of oxygen to their root system. nespressomaestria

Their need for large amounts of oxygen is why airy soils are best for coffee cultivation and growth. Also, plants need 1,500 mm – 2,000 mm of rainfall annually to provide the best results. If rainfall is below the ideal, the plants need extra moisture through irrigation methods. To get a better quality of coffee is better that the plants to be cultivated at higher altitudes, with an abundance of fog and clouds. Higher altitudes provides a lower oxygen content so that coffee takes longer to reach maturity, something that helps develop a stronger flavor of coffee beans.

Coffee trees require special attention from the farmer’s constantly. These plants need a certain amount of shade, regular watering and fertilization. They also must be protected from pests and weeds to ensure the best return of coffee beans. Coffee flowers take approximately six to eight weeks to bloom and the period from flowering until harvest can last for nine months, depending on environmental and other factors. Red coffee fruit tree takes six to eight months to ripen after the tree begins to bear fruit. Regular harvesting is needed because the coffee tree fruits can move after 10 -14 days after baking.

Growing coffee beans

Coffee cultivation is a long and complicated process, and is often difficult to obtain a rich harvest. Coffee beans plants are used in the actual process of making coffee. Coffee plants are grown widely in many parts of the world. The plant is cultivated in over 17 countries, including Indonesia and Brazil are two of the largest producers of coffee in the world. Plants are often grown in the area between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. Other areas used for coffee include Africa, Central America and India. nespressomaestria

Plants are grown worldwide, a process similar in each country, but extremely complex. There are two species of coffee plants, known as Arabica and Robusta. They are small trees, evergreen, cultivation taking place on the plantations. The process of growing plants can mean intensive labor, but the amount of work required depends usually on the growing method used. This makes the cultivation of coffee to be more suitable for developing nations located around the equatorial regions of the world. Equatorial climate is most suitable for growing coffee. Typically, coffee plants require temperatures ranging from 15 to 24 degrees without severe fluctuations.

And those who do this are very passionate about this field of work, and they want to produce the best quality coffee.

Homemade Cafe au Lait

It is very easy to make this coffee at home. Start by making a strong filter coffee containing the appropriate mixture of chicory. You then set the water temperature at 90 degrees C water, which will make the water to be very hot, but not boiling yet. A small amount of this water must be poured into the filter. In the filter you have to put about 6 tablespoons of good roasted black coffee. nespressomaestria

We need to continue to pour water over coffee beans until the coffee is ready. At this point, you have to brew 6 cups of coffee. It is essential to not boil the milk, because it will affect the strong taste of the final product. Warm the bowls from which you will drink the coffee and pour the coffee in them after that pour the boiled milk. That is all you need to do to create a Cajun coffee with milk at home.

In many cafes, especially in America, if you order a coffee with milk, you will be served with a drink that was made with a very strong coffee. This may upset many coffee drinkers, especially if they realize the difference. The coffee used is usually a mixture of  French chicory coffee with scalded milk, not half-boiled.


Coffee with milk- Cafe au Lait

Coffee with milk or Cafe au Lait is a delicious coffee drink that mixes one third coffee and two thirds of hot milk or foam. It has French origins and brings innovation in the sense that it is incredibly sweet and good. Over the years, has become popular worldwide. nespressomaestria

It is preferred other than Italian coffee, so even if it resembles each other, there are some differences that make it unique. An Italian-style coffee with milk, for example, is made ​​with espresso coffee, while the Cafe au Lait is made using previously boiled coffee. Cafe au Lait also uses the same amount of coffee and  milk. As to sweeten it, it is usually added sugar in the drink.

If you want to make a cup of coffee in this style, you will have to use a well-roasted coffee that is very hard. In addition, the coffee you use will need to have chicory too. It is a very loved coffee recipe worldwide. It is preferred by people who do not like a wake up call in the morning, that is why it is also called the Sunday Coffee. But without a doubt, Cafe au Lait has its glamour and its fantastic taste.


Iced Coffee- Oleng Coffee

There is another recipe for Thai ice coffee, which is not only wonderfully tasty, but is also more than what you get if you have ordered a cold coffee in a Thai canteen. This is known as Oleng iced coffee and is more powerful than the previous recipe. As with all ice coffees, this recipe can be modified to suit your taste. nespressomaestria

To create an ice coffee that Thai restaurants use you will have to put about 6 tablespoons of ginger in a pot of coffee along with 8 tablespoons of roasted black coffee.

Continue to boil as usual and add sugar to taste. When using a regular coffee, unlike the French press or coffee machine, you want to use about half the water typically used when making a normal pot of coffee. The reason for this is that you want a very strong coffee. When finished, fill a glass with ice and then pour the coffee. Be sure to leave in about half an inch empty at the top of the cup, so you can pour in the cream.

This coffee is fantastic if you are used to strong coffee, because it will blow your mind.

Have you tried Thai Iced Coffee.  Let me know what you think!


Iced Coffee – Ca Pha Soa and European Coffee

Ice coffee around the world differs, depending on where you are. Some versions of iced coffee in some countries are not even close to those in other countries, however one thing that all these cold coffees have in common is that they are incredibly delicious. nespressomaestria

Ca phe sua is of Vietnamese origin when translated means cold coffee with milk. Ca phe sua is created by mixing a variety of French roasted coffee and chicory, which usually includes about a quarter or half sweetened condensed milk. The mixture is then poured into a glass over ice cubes. When creating this drink, coffee is prepared with a small drip from the coffee filter in a cup containing sweetened condensed milk. The mixture of condensed milk and coffee are then mixed together before being poured on ice.

If you are looking for a fabulous European recipe for cold coffee, the following is designed to delight.

To create your own European coffee you will need: frozen milk cubes; water with sugar; 1 to 2 teaspoons of instant coffee. In a shaker, put the instant coffee, water and ice cubes. You can also add the sugar you want in the mix. Shake several times and then pour the mixture into a glass, making sure that the top of the drink is foamy. Add milk to your own preferences and desired taste.


Long Coffee – What is it?

There is another style of coffee, which is quite similar to American coffee, known as long coffeenespressomaestria

It is essential that when you make a cup of American coffee, the hot water you use must always be fresh. Moreover, a large number of people like to consume this drink with cream or foam on top.

An American coffee can be “adjusted” to suit your tastes. Some people prefer to mix their American coffee like so: 30% espresso and 70% hot water. However, you can use any ratio of espresso and water depending on how you like it.

There are so many simple ways that you can make a mixture of American coffee at home. Take a cup and pour in a dose of espresso and then add the amount of milk to your liking. The milk you use may be of several types: 2% fat, soy, with or without fat.

The milk you pour in the coffee can be heated in the microwave for a minute if you are looking for a complete taste. You can also choose to heat the milk on the stove. Sweeten your espresso and hot milk mixture to taste. Easy.

Arabica coffee

It is found in several species of wild coffee plants in a vast area occupying equatorial, tropical regions of Africa and, on both sides of the equator, but the coffee tree known as arabica coffee, whose fruit (beans) are so dear to the whole world is originally from Ethiopia deep valleys.

Legend has it that a goat herder Muslim Yemen has a monastery in the days when he noticed that his animals fed with reddish berries of the shrub, which kept him in high esteem, could not sleep the next night. Rhazes, an Arab physician of the ninth century, is the first scholar to mention the coffee and its quality. nespressomaestria

And here is the beginning of a long and bitter discussions between physicians that lasted more than two centuries and which, in fact, it takes today. Coffee is a remedy or a poison? Combats “apathy of the human body” or attacks “brain particles?”. Faculty of Aix(France) condemned. But Dufou, MD Lyons, explains in detail how tonics are its effects.

Both in the caffee of Procopius and other Parisian cafes will be born and will discuss new ideas and theories of “subversive” generated by the spirit Encyclopedists. In this sense we can say that this black liquor, coffee, helped enormously the French Revolution.


Be expressive with Espresso

Espresso is one of the most popular coffees in the world today. Espresso coffee appeared originally in Milan, Italy and then spread as a popular beverage in many other countries.


An espresso coffee is a beverage that is brewed with water under pressure and usually served in a preheated cup. Espresso has a higher consistency than regular coffee. Water temperature under pressure is very high but it’s not boiling water.

If the coffee has be brewed properly we will find a coffee cream floating on top of the glass, which makes this drink so special compared to other coffees.

The Different Types of Espresso

There are several types of espresso including latte, mocha and con leche. Traditionally, a master or Barista coffee maker makes espresso. Espresso made ​​properly will have a top layer of golden foam, which is known as cream. There are four factors that helps the Barista to improve the quality of the Espresso. The four factors include the machine, the mix, and hand grinder.

Espresso has grown in popularity over the years and today is one of the most popular coffees. This coffee is number 1 in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and many other countries in southern Europe, including Spain, France and Italy.

Espresso is also popular in the rest of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. The rise of coffee chains like Starbucks in 1990 is also a factor in continuous growth in popularity of espresso-based coffees. With the addition of several coffees, the popularity of espresso will increase even more over time.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – The Rolls Royce of Coffee

Considered by many as the Rolls-Royce of all coffees, Blue Mountain coffee has a taste full of flavor, balance and aroma. The acidity and fruit prominence provides all the satisfaction that someone might want from a strong and intense coffee flavour.  It has a very clear taste with a remarkable sweetness and rich flavor. nespressomaestria

Blue Mountain coffee is recognized as one of the most award-winning coffees and as a result has a high demand worldwide. The Jamaican government has officially certified it as being 100% Jamaican coffee. There is absolutely no extra beans and the product should not be confused with counterfeit coffee using the same name. Because of the restricted geographical range where it grows, Blue Mountain coffee is available in limited quantities and prices, therefore commanding a high price. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is the most famous exotic coffee in the world.

The unique combination of soil and micro-climate conditions are specific to Blue Mountain, gives this coffee the flavor and taste that we all want to feel.

Jamaican Blue Mountain is one of those rare coffees available and also has one of the highest prices. It is considered by many the best coffee in the world and not in vain. While taste is subjective, we can say that it is known that volcanic coffee is very balanced in flavor with a medium acidity.

Almost sounds like tasting wine doesn’t it? Have you tried Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

Gourmet Coffee – 3 flavors you can’t miss!

Gourmet flavoured coffee grew in popularity in recent years, but dates back for a very long time. The common belief about coffee dates back from the Middle East and further. There, people began to experiment for the first time with the addition of spices (like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg) directly into the coffee. Perhaps these early flavoured coffees were the first of the gourmet coffees. Nobody knows for sure.



While you can still make your own flavoured coffee, the gourmet flavoured coffee type found in a specialty store is more tasty and better rounded. Gourmet coffee shops usually have five varieties of flavoured coffee beans. However it is not great for a furnace to combine two of these varieties in a coffee bean (such as beans with vanilla).

Flavoured Coffee Beans

Flavoured vanilla coffee beans usually have a creamy vanilla taste. The French vanilla and Irish cream are two of the most popular flavoured coffee beans with a vanilla flavour.

Flavoured chocolate coffee beans are extremely popular. You can find all kinds of chocolate, from dark chocolate to cream-chocolate which has a pale colour. Flavoured mint chocolate beans are also very popular.

There is a wide variety of flavoured fruit beans also available on the market. Especially, flavoured beans with raisins are very popular . Coconut flavoured beans are also popular.

Do you have a favourite flavoured coffee bean? Let me know!

Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN125SPLUS


Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine by Delonghi

Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN125SPLUS Features and Highlights

  • 19 Bar Pressure Pump
  • Automatic and Programmable Coffee Quantity
  • Reduced Heating Time (25-30 seconds)
  • Aeroccino Milk Frother
  • 0.7 litre water tank
  • Silver Colour
  • Cup Capacity – 9 to 11
The Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine by Delonghi is the perfect Nespresso Machine for those with are limited on counter space.  You will still get the same perfect cup of Nespresso coffee as the larger machines with a much smaller footprint on your bench top.
The Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine has a sliding cup support with two positions which means it can easily accommodate smaller espresso cups as well as the larger latte cups (or coffee mug if you prefer).

Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine – Delonghi – EN125SPLUS Full Specifications

  • 19 Bar pressure pump
  • Capsule container capacity 9 – 11 used capsules
  • Removable 0.7 liter water tank
  • New compact brewing unit technology
  • 40 ml for Espresso and 110 ml for long
  • Automatic and programmable Coffee Quantity
  • Stylish design with metallic silver finish
  • Thermoblock heating element
  • Reduced heating-up time (25-30 sec)
  • Retro-illuminated transparent capsule container
  • Automatic and programmable Coffee Quantity
  • Power saving mode setting
  • On/off switch and coffee volume buttons
  • Easy introduction/ auto ejection of capsules
  • Bonus Aeroccino included
  • Sliding cup support has 2 positions, one for espresso
  • cups and one for latte macchiato glasses
  • Power (W): 1260
  • Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 220/240~50/60
  • Pump pressure (bar): 19
  • Water container capacity (L): 0.7
  • Settings: 40 ml for espresso and 110 ml for long
  • Flow Stop: Automatic and programmable Coffee Quantity


What customers are saying about the Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine.

“This product is so easy to use – makes a perfect coffee every time and the milk frother that goes with it is just ideal. Love it.”


“Sleek design, extremely easy to make good coffee


“Easy to use and clean”


“Inexpensive (compared to daily takeaways), mess free, quick, variety of coffee flavours, produces great coffee, friends stop by more often now (is this good or bad? – you decide).”


“Quick, easy to use, easy to clean”


“Convenient and Excellent Size”


This Nespresso Machine although it is small in size is receiving some great reviews around the web.  Quite constantly it is scoring an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Definitely worth a look at if you are limited on bench space.

Coffee producing countries

Worldwide coffee producing countries are between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, where the climate is ideal for hotand humid. Countries can be grouped broadly into four geographical areas: nespressomaestria

Concacaf Mexic-especially Arabica generally very high quality(Mexico, Panama and Caribbean islands).
America USA- Brazil produces about 30 million bags per yea r(1 bag = 60 kg) of natural arabica. Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador produce washed Arabica.
Africa-most African countries producing Robusta coffee. Arabica species also grow very well at high altitudes in Kenya, Tanzania and Cameroon, which produce large quantities of washed Arabica, the highest quality.

ASIA-producing washed Arabica and washed Robusta  as well as natural (India, Indonesia, New Guinea). The world market for coffee, the species occupies 75-80% Arabica, Robusta occupying the remaining 20-25%. Annual world production reaches about 91 million bags, each weighing on average about 60 kg, over 5 million tons annually. Central and South America produce about 70% of coffee on the world market, followed by 20% from Asia and Africa by 10%.

During the 19th century to the present, growing and exporting coffee flourished in an amazing extent. Today coffee is consumed in virtually in any country, and is a very important commodity for producers and consumers. Currently, world coffee market is located, along with oil, steel and grain, including raw materials for export of high value economic situation of many countries first -producing almost entirely dependent on coffee, exports coffee, their national welfare. The most important coffee markets are in New York and London, where you can negotiates a variety of Arabica and Robusta coffee species.


How does coffee work?

Coffee is controversial, and its properties are studied intensively because of its composition. In coffee there is a substance named caffeine that affects the body when we enjoy a cup of coffee. A general medical doctor, states how much caffeine we find in a pot of coffee. “The content of caffeine in a cup of 180 ml, is 80-140 mg in boiled coffee and , 60-100 mg instant coffee“. So if you prepare a cup of instant coffee for 180 ml, you will consume between 60-100 mg of caffeine. nespressomaestria

The reason why so much coffee is consumed is because: stimulates the central system, increase intellectual and physical capacity. But this benefit may be altered, overshadowed by many factors and you may end up with a lot of problems. According to the doctor, the effects of coffee (good and bad) are related to the amount of caffeine you drink and your overall health status. These things you must keep in mind when drinking coffee.

If you consume more than 500 mg of caffeine per day, you will have problems even if you’re healthy: The doctor gives details: “Abuse of coffee comes with many immediate harmful effects. Anxiety, agitation, restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, gastric irritation (when your stomach burns),palpitations. All this can become long-term problems . If these are the symptoms you experience, you should interrupt coffee consumption, and in 8 hours, you will recover”.

Preparation of Coffee

To get a great coffee is important to take account of four steps: grinding, dosing, water and freshness. nespressomaestria

Grinding coffee:
Each method of preparation requires a different degree of grinding, because the final taste of coffee is influenced by the time in which water and coffee are in direct contact. The more coffee preparation time takes less, the finer coffee must be grinded.

Dosing the coffee:
One of the most important steps in preparing a good coffee is to use the right proportion of coffee and water. This proportion varies depending on recipe used. The best dosage is produced by combining several types of coffee from different parts of the world.

A cup of coffee contains 98% water, because of this brewing water must be clean. To get the flavor of coffee, the water should be heated almost to a boiling point, 96 ° C.

As with any food, coffee also is preferable to drink fresh . Oxygen, heat, light and moisture are the main factors leading to loss of quality in coffee. To keep the coffee fresh, it should be kept in a container, opaque, sealed and at room temperature. Coffee beans are kept fresh longer than grinded coffee, because the surface of contact with oxygen is much smaller.

Things you might not know about coffee

A mixture of chemicals: Coffee is made ​​up of over 1200 natural chemicals. More than half of these are responsible with the characteristic taste and aroma. Some of them have properties useful in fighting various diseases. In fact, coffee is the most studied of all beverages and foods known, research having conflicting results. Even so, most experts agree that moderate consumption of natural coffee is beneficial to health. nespressomaestria

What is the use of coffee: It is not only a delicious drink, but can be used for many purposes. When you want to buy a perfume carry a bag coffee with you and smell it from time to time to escape the aroma of perfume already tried. So you’ll be able to test more smells in the same “session”. To elongate snails and insects in your garden, sprinkle coffee grounds on foot. If you want strong and healthy plants, you can sprinkle into the pot a mixture of sugar and ground coffee, which you must water from time to time.

Brazil is the largest coffee producer: Although 40% of coffee consumed in Brazil comes globally, there are 65 countries that grow coffee bushes. All are located along the equator between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. 70% of consumers drink Arabica coffee,smooth and fragrant. The rest prefer Robusta coffee, which is bitter but has 50% more caffeine.

How do Americans drink their coffee

Many people worldwide believe that Americans drink coffee for boredom. Or believe that Americans hasn’t a tasty coffee like in other parts of the world. And not to mention the fact that a large number of people believe that Americans take baths coffee from other countries and damage the way they should really be preparing coffeenespressomaestria

In many restaurants, a simple cup of coffee can cost very little and you can get a free refill whenever you want. Because it is often tasteless, you can flavor the coffee with cream and sugar, as desired. Now take Italy as an example. You can visit the wonderful Italian cafes for a small cup of espresso. To make an Italian espresso you need the right machine, which is not cheap by any means. However the taste makes the effort considerable for other inconveniences.

In many places around the world, coffee consumption is not just a drink, is a whole experience. Americans have many machines that are used to make coffee. However, it is a shock for many visitors to see the coffee is served in plastic or paper cups. American coffee drinking is seen as weak and watery. The French, for example, fond of rich coffee, have it black and hard.

About Turkish coffee

The Turkish method of making coffee is a very innovative, which dates back to the days of the 16th century and is considered one of the first ways to make coffeenespressomaestria

Not only is a unique way to make coffee, but it is also very simple. In fact, the only expense incurred in obtaining the Turkish coffee is that you need to buy a first class grinder. Grinders should be equipped to grind coffee even finer than espresso. You can choose, however, to buy a device specifically designed to make Turkish coffee.

To make Turkish coffee you need also good water, a mixture of roasted quality  coffee , a metal spoon to mix and a kettle. A pot is the one that is used in the creation of Turkish coffee. Of course you will also need a heat source to make coffee. Turkish coffee is very aromatic. It is essential not to turn back for a moment especially when you make Turkish coffee. Although it is easy to do, Turkish coffee requires total attention.

If you use spices in your Turkish coffee, you should, if possible, to buy seeds and crush them very fine. However, note that few spices change the coffee’s flavor.