Australian Coffee

Coffee.  One of natures gifts. But do you know where coffee actually comes from? Whilst most would say a coffee bean – but where do coffee bean’s come from? Did you know that the coffee bean comes from the inside of a berry?

Coffee Tree

The History of Coffee in Australia

Coffee has been grown in Australia since 1832.  A small planting was established at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, Australia.  It took 50 years for coffee to be grown in northern NSW and along Queensland’s coast up as far as Cooktown.  Most of Australia’s coffee is now grown in North Queensland where the tropics make the perfect conditions for growing coffee tree’s.

Of course coffee was discovered well before this in other parts of the world.  The first discovery of coffee was in Ethiopia in 1671 and had reached parts of the middle east by the 16th century.

The different types of Coffee drinks

These days, coffee has turned in to a world of modern flavours.  Essentially coffee comes from the same beans it is just the way that we prepare coffee that differentiates the types of coffee we drink and enjoy.  Yes there are different regions and areas around the world producing different types of beans and flavours but we are going to focus on the styles of drinking coffee for the moment.

The most common methods for preparing coffee are:

Espresso – This type of coffee is prepared by forcing hot water which is under pressure through finely compacted coffee in to the cup below.  Doing this allows a significant amount of aroma and flavour to be extracted from the coffee bean.

coffee beans

Drip Filter – Finely ground coffee is put in a paper cone and has hot water placed on top.  The brew filters through the paper in to the pot or mug.

Plunger – To make plunger coffee you need to use a more coarse ground of coffee.  In making this plunger coffee the brew is stirred and left for a few minutes.  The plunger is then pushed down the pot and the coffee is poured out.

Turkish Coffee – Not as popular in Australia but very delicious.  Turkish coffee is made by bringing the coffee to the boil in a small copper pot called an ibriq.  This is usually done 3 times and then poured out in to cups.  This can be a very strong flavoured coffee and the caffeine is very noticeable.

On this site will be taking a look at both Australian Coffee blends as well as coffee around the world.  Sit back and relax as we take you on the wonderful journey of coffee.

Some people like their coffee so hot that it is barely drinkable.  Making hot coffee is ea...